YouTube Slap 2010 – What Can You Do About It?

by Ket-Sang Tai

YouTube is on the move. A lot of my fellow marketers’ YouTube accounts have been disabled in the last few days. Like before, they don’t give exact reasons for the slap. My account is still active as of today but I think it won’t be long before they get to me. Personally I don’t think we are doing anything wrong but you know how to Internet big boys (Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter) are like. They can basically do what they want. I don’t think there is anything you can do to ensure your account is safe. However, there are certainly a few steps you can take to reduce the chance of your current or any future YouTube accounts being slapped, as well as to ensure any videos on your marketing funnel or website remain active even if you get slapped.

1. Do not have multiple YouTube accounts
I really don’t know how strict they are with this and I don’t even know if this is the reason many people get slapped. However, to be safe, it is a good idea to have only one account with the same name and email address. I suppose there is no way they can track you if you use a different name or completely different email account. Please let me know if any of you knows any better.

2. Do not submit video to YouTube using Traffic Geyser or other automated software
I think any automated software is bad for YouTube. TubeBlasterPro users got into trouble many months ago and I think Traffic Geyser is no exception. You can still use Traffic Geyser to upload videos to multiple other video sites but don’t include YouTube in your submission. You should always upload video to YouTube manually.

3. Don’t blatantly promote a product on your YouTube videos
One of my friend who got slapped was told by YouTube that she shouldn’t be promoting other companies on YouTube. So my advice is not to put a website address on the video itself, do it on the description instead.  If you need to host a video with a strong call to action, host it somewhere else.

4. Use a paid video hosting service for videos on your website or marketing funnel
Free hosting is great but if you rely on these videos to make you money, it is important to have it hosted in somewhere more secure. If you have a lot of traffic to your website or marketing funnel, a slap can really cost you a lot of money, especially if you only find that out a few days later. Personally I have moved most of my website videos to Amazon S3. It is a very reliable video storage service and a lot of top internet marketers use it. It is a pay as you use service and charges by amount of data stored and transferred. To play the video, you need a separate video player. I personally use EasyVideoPlayer, which you have to buy the software for a one time cost but there is no recurring cost. You can add link, opt in form or redirect viewers to a website of your choice at the end of the video.

5. Use other video hosting services like Viddler or Metcafe
If you are not ready to move up to paid video hosting yet, then other video sites which have less history of slapping is safer if you want to put your website or marketing funnel videos there.

6. Respect copyright rules and guidelines in your YouTube video
Do you use any copyrighted pictures or video clips on your YouTube. This includes screen capture of other people’s website. If you go to your account setting in your YouTube account, you can find out if your account is in good standing. I believe you are more likely to get slapped if you have violated their guidelines in the past.

These are by no means golden rules as nobody knows exactly why YouTube slap an account. These steps are derived from personal experience, common sense and by talking to other marketers. If you know any better, please leave your comment and contribute to this post for the benefit of all readers and marketers.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Neil Thompson

    Good content and timely information, What impresses me about this blog is Ket gives alternatives to the situation. Well Done

  • thomaslierzer

    Hey, great blog post and very informative. Thank you for that.
    And yes after losing my you tube account i do host my videos.
    Thanks again


  • Karen marrow

    Thanks for all the great information!!!

  • Thanks Ket-Sang. My YouTube account was “permanently disabled” just yesterday. What I don't like is that YouTube has the power to slap your account without offering you any real specific reason. They just sent me an email claiming that one particular video I had uploaded that morning was in violation of their “Community Guidelines.”

    As you mention here, though, I DID have two YouTube accounts,

    Now I'm wondering if I should: (a) start another YouTube account from scratch and upload my same MLM content; (b) start uploaded my MLM content to my OTHER account and just modify it where necessary; or, (c) leave YouTube alone altogether and find another site to host my vids…

  • Yes, basically they are the big giant and have the full say. They really don't need to tell us the reason of shutting up any account. Like you said, either we use paid service or change to other free hosting services.

    Another way of incorporate link inside the video is using “Linkedtube”. I like this, especially we no need to create any account. 🙂

    Moon Loh

  • williamdebauchez

    These are great tips, Ket. I'm starting to use Traffic Geyser quite a lot, and I think I'm going to remove YouTube from it. Too much risk on getting slapped by YouTube, really…

  • Great post, I have been very careful do anything that youtube doesn't like, but the risk of losing all my content on youtube is really driving me towards hosting my own videos. That's is most likely the safest way to go. Thanks for the great information 🙂

  • kstai

    Personally I think you shouldn't do much on YouTube for a bit and just wait and see what happens. These things seem to come in waves. Use other video sites at the meantime.

  • kstai

    Linkedtube is a good idea. But it is for YouTube only right?

  • kstai


  • Thank you for providing great value as a leader.

  • I got slapped by youtube for nothing. I did not have any videos uploaded, only commented on few videos, did not violated any community guidelines at all that I have checked myself and still in the end, youtube suspended my account.

    So this is youtube. Do things without thinking without looking without checking.

  • I heard that Youtube uses IP Addresses to track use. As always my suggestion would be to Start Another One 🙂

  • lindacamurato

    Thank you for your post. It is very useful since more and more people use Traffic Geyser. I also recommend it myself so it is good to know that videos should always be uploaded manually on Youtube. At the same time I find it a bit scary to see channels from top-marketers being slapped as well! You'd think these top-marketers know what they are doing and never infringe Youtoube guidelines?!

  • kstai

    I am sorry to hear that. Anything touched by Google will turn bad.

  • kstai

    May be consider using a proxy.

  • kstai

    There is always a thin line between what you should and shouldn't do. All successful people, including top marketers are constantly pushing this boundary.

  • Yes! I prefer to use paid video hosting too!

  • Thanks for the info.

  • $$ that's a good idea.
    thank you

  • Anna Filipkowski

    Thanks for the great advice, Ket-Sang. Valuable insights as always.

  • Very interesting post. I'm just starting to do more video marketing so I'm gonna keep these tips in mind for sure. Great blog by the way.

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