Winners Never Quit. Really?

by Ket-Sang Tai

“Winners Never Quit and Quitters Never Win.”

I am sure a lot of you have heard of this before. It is also used by a lot of network marketers in various training and coaching sessions. Is it really true that winners never quit?

Like many things in life, there are 2 ways you can look at it. What if something really does not work out for you, do you really want to stick at it and waste your time? Do you think successful entrepreneurs like Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki never quit? Yes. They never quit improving themselves and never quit striving for success. However, they frequently quit on projects which do not work out for them! If you remember, Robert Kiyosaki quit his Nylon and Velcro wallet business before starting all over again.

When people say winners never quit, it really means not giving up on your ultimate goal, whether it is financial freedom, time freedom or anything you really want in life. It doesn’t mean once you have started a business or joined a MLM company and you have to stick with it regardless of what happens. A lot of MLM leaders will disagree with me because of course they want their downlines to stick with them indefinitely, regardless if their downlines are making money or not!

Really there is a fine line to draw here. When is the right time to quit or move on? Although you don’t want to waste your time on things that don’t work, you also don’t want to move from one thing to another all the time. A lot of network marketers who are looking for quick fix solution do that.

I think the bottom line is. You have to realise that there are many factors which determine if you will be successful in a business or not and the most important factor is you. After you have joined a company or started a new business which you have done thourough due diligence on, you have to set yourself a goal and do all the right things to achieve it. If you still have not made any progress after 12 months,  then you have to think about it again.

Have you put in the required effort? Have you spent enough time on it? Have you tried everything possible to make it works? Is there nothing else which you can improve on which might make a difference? If the answer to the above question is “yes”, then it is time to think about quitting the business and move on. Remember you are only changing the mean or vehicle to achieve your ultimate dream and you have not quit your dream!

I think a better saying should be:

“Winners never quit but when they do, they do it for the right reason.”

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Cherry

    Ket,’s true…the point is whether you’ve put the required effort and time or not.

  • MaryAnn Dunham

    My upline quoted that to me several times. Well, Seth Godin’s book called “The Dip” is a fav of mine. You have to realize when something is just not a fit for you. Move on toward your goal. Sometimes you have to take that road less traveled to reach your goal.
    :) I’m happy now.

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  • Casandrapassi

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