Why Don’t I Use Free Email Autoresponders in My Follow Up System?

by Ket-Sang Tai

An autoresponder system is a software or website which allows you to store your leads details in the form of a list. The leads are usually obtained using a lead capture landing page you market online. The system also allows you to schedule emails to be sent out to these leads at a regular interval as well as broadcast a one off message. This is very powerful and it has been proven to increase sales and conversions.

There are many similar email autorepsonder system out there. Some are free and some are paid services. Personally I wouldn’t use a free one for the following reasons.

1. Annoying advertisements

Have you ever wondered why it is free? That is because they make money from advertisements placed on their site. By default, all free services are supported by advertisements. Some of them have advertisements on their main website and their lead management page. Some even include advertisements in the actual emails you send out to your leads. This is annoying and unprofessional.

2. Limited features

Most free services have limited features. Example of limitations are maximum number of lists, maximum number of leads, number of emails sent per month and degree of customization.

3. Delivery rate

It is a tough job to keep a good relationship with the ISPs so that the emails sent out by the system are not blocked by these ISPs. What is the point if only 50-60% of your emails are delivered to your leads’ inbox? Most paid services like Aweber or GetResponse have better delivery rate compared to free services and that is one of their main selling point.

4. Risk

In the world of online marketing, your list is your asset. The bigger your list is the more money you make. There is no guarantee that any autoresponder service will be there forever, but at least there is a higher chance that a paid service will there for much longer. Why wouldn’t they if they are making money from you? Can you imaging putting your money in an unknown small bank or not buying insurance for your house? You need to treat your list the same as you treat your physical asset!

5. The importance of getting it right at the start

Anyone who uses an email autoresponder service knows that it is very difficult to move from one service to another. It is possible to export your list but most autoresponder service requires further opt-in confirmation when you import a list. Many people will not reconfirm they opt-in and you lose a lot of leads as a result. So instead of moving later on, you have to try your best to get a good and reliable one from the beginning.

Although most paid autoresponder services are better, they are not the same. The above points can be used when comparing different autoresponder services. I personally use Aweber because it is easy to use, has good delivery rate and there is very few limitation. Another great service many people use is GetResponse.

So in summary, if you are serious about making money online, you have to treat your business with respect and use reliable services. Treat your list like you treat your physical asset. For those reasons, I do not use a free autoresponder service.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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