Why A Medical Doctor Turns To Network Marketing?

by Ket-Sang Tai

“Why do you do network marketing?” I am often asked this question.

I am a medical doctor and I have worked really hard for most of my life to get to where I am today, a senior Radiology fellow who will be getting my specialist qualification in 2 years time. Coming from Malaysia, it is extremely difficult to get into any kind of specialist training in the UK. For many people, it would be a dream comes true if they were in my situation right now. This is the reason why a lot of people, especially my colleagues, just can not understand why I am doing network marketing because specialists are paid quite well in UK and there are a lot of money to be made in the private sectors.

There are two reasons.  Firstly, it is about time freedom. I have been a doctor for 6 years. I am paid reasonably well. In fact, my salary is within the top 10% of UK population. However, what I find is that the harder I work, the more work I get and the pay stays the same. I get busier and busier until I don’t have enough time to spend with people I care about. Working late, getting calls at 3 o’clock in the morning and spending weekends in the hospital is normal for me. It is kind of tolerable now but I don’t want to be doing that when I am 50 years old. Life is short and I want to have more time to do things I like and I want to spend quality time with my family.

The second reason is that I love medicine too much. It is a very honorable and satisfying profession. The reason I chose it as my career many years ago was because I like the challenge and the ability to help other people. It is not about money. However, as I grow up and face the real world, the constant financial pressure has derailed me from my initial intent or purpose of doing medicine. I find myself doing more and more extra work just to get more money. I am constantly thinking about private practice opportunity. Sometime I am ashamed of myself for thinking in such a way. I know a lot of doctors who have huge private practices and are making a lot of money. Surely that is not right and I really don’t want to be like them. I want to take the financial pressure of medicine. I want to be able to make money elsewhere and practise my medicine to help other people.

Network marketing and medicine is similar in many ways. It is all about helping people and it is also life changing. Solving other people’s health problem or financial problem essentially has similar impact on their life.

It is my dream to work as a doctor part time, probably for free and spend the rest of my time marketing online and spending quality time with my family. I also want to be able to help other network marketers to achieve their dream by sharing with them what works for me. Empowering other people in health and finance is what I am working towards.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Very interesting read, I think their would be a lot of mixed opinions on this. Love the theme that you are using, what is it?

  • Ket-Sang Tai

    It is from Woo Themes. Link at the very bottom of the page.

  • Ket-

    Good Story! Keep up the good work! I believe in helping people achieve their health and finances also.

    Delores Saunders
    skype: dsaunders73

  • I’ve been browsing through your site, and it is very interesting and very informative. I enjoed reading it thanks for posting 🙂

  • I’m sure your lifestory has touched many people.I have been there and done that, so i can relate to your story.
    Keep on keeping on !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hello Dr KetSang Tai.
    It has been quite a read. I myself a medical doctor from India. Doing my internship in MBBS. Not yet had the opportunity to try for the Post Graduation (Specialist) Entrance. It is really interesting to see a doctor doing marketing.

    I am also interested in marketing, because it provides money while you are not working (you have done something then it is just money gets pouring when you sleep). In every other business you get money when you do something.

    But for now I think I should concentrate more on my study and be a better doctor first. Then if someday I want to do this kind of business then I am sure Dr Tai you will be here to guide me.

    Bye for now.
    Dr BIkash

  • Hello Ket-Sang
    Good that you follow your heart. You are in another industry where you can empower more people on a larger scale without leaving your heart's desire.

    Go for it! I have many friends who are medicinal doctors who have branched out in the networking industry and empowering and changing the lives of many.

    Dream big and you will win.


  • cathfan

    I am Malaysian too. A former civil engineer and venturing into network marketing recently. Still learning here and there. Hope to be successful as you are.

  • vinnie

    That is one of the best reasons i have heard of someone wanting to do network marketing….really nice!

  • vinnie

    That is one of the best reasons i have heard of someone wanting to do network marketing….really nice!

  • Kcloutier

    Very helpful and informative! Thank you for sharing.

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