Video Marketing Content Strategies

by Ket-Sang Tai

In my previous article about Video Marketing, I talk about the importance of good content in your video. So what exactly is good content? A good content is anything which provides good value and good information to your viewers.

In the context of marketing, there is a certain format which create a balance between giving value (80%) and taking back (20%). Most of  your videos should have the following 4 components:

1. A Strong Openning Statement about a particular Problem.

Viewers have very short attention span. If you don’t catch their attention in the first 15 seconds, they will click the back button and move on to the next video. So the openning is one of the most important components. You need to find out what problems people are facing out there and word it in an attention grabbing and catching way.

2. About Yourself

After you have got your viewers’ attention, the next step is to tell them more about yourself. You should share with them how the same problem affected you and you were in the same boat with them.

3. The Solution

Now you are connected with your viewers. They know you better now and they are eager to find out how you solved your problem and how you can help them solve their problem. It is time to give details on how you did it and this will lead to the next component, which is Call To Action.

4. Call To Action

A lot of people ignore this important step. I can understand that a lot of people do not want their video to sound like sale pitch. However, if you think about it, you have already provided good content in the other parts of the video. The general rule in marketing is 80% content and 20% sale. So it is perfectly acceptable to do that. Remember, you are a marketer at the end of the day, if you don’t market, you better off not doing anything!

I hope you find this useful. Now go out there and implement the strategies!

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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