Twitter Do’s and Don’ts

by Ket-Sang Tai

I get the idea for this post from Chris Brogan’s recent post on Twitter Etiquette Guide. I don’t totally agree with that article and I thought I will post my own Do’s and Don’ts on Twitter.


  1. Do have a personal and interesting profile.
  2. Do have a nice picture.
  3. Do post interesting tweets and don’t worry if all your followers like them. You can’t please everyone.
  4. Do reply to @mentioned, it is a good way to build relationship.
  5. Do ignore direct messages which you don’t have time read or reply them, especially auto messages
  6. Do retweet good stuff and pay credit
  7. Do recommend other people using for example #follow friday
  8. Do unfollow spammers ( you don’t need me to tell you that)
  9. Do pay credit when someone tweeted something you like
  10. Do keep your tweets shorter than 120 characters so it is retweetable.


  1. Don’t use fake profile.
  2. Don’t spam
  3. Don’t take someone’s link and tweet it as if it is yours (use retweet instead)
  4. Don’t try to reply all direct messages, you will on on twitter all day
  5. Don’t be rude
  6. Don’t post too many marketing tweets (1 per day is maximum for me)
  7. Don’t use auto messages to promote a product (directing them to your other social network profile is ok)
  8. Don’t use any twitter train or software to artificially increase your followers number
  9. Don’t retweet something without looking at the link
  10. Don’t need to react negatively when someone post too many marketing tweets, simply unfollow! No one force you to follow anyone, you have a choice!

Do you agree?  Please comment.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • justynalam

    Hey Ket-Sang,

    Fabulous post, I hope all that read it will take the advice and run with it.

  • kstai

    Thanks justyna.

  • Mr.Ket-Sang Tai, you have neatly synchronized the Do's and Dont's of Twitter, This is what i am searching for, in Bullet points. Easy to understand and able to follow it.

    you have done a nice job.

    Thank U,
    Maheswaran Narendran

  • murf414

    Great advice, Twitter Newbie here, looking to learn!

  • kstai

    Thanks for your nice comment. Appreciate it.

  • KimDRichardson

    Opps, what does one do if they have already used one of those following softwares? any suggestions?

  • Hey Ket-Sang, I always find you post very insighful and this one is no exception, great post.

  • kstai

    Thanks Tu.

  • Great post, Ket-Sang! I agree completely!!!!

  • auto message? is that the same as when I send my art up to tweet from my art site?

  • auto message? is that the same as when I send my art up to tweet from my art site?

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