The Trump Network Review

by Ket-Sang Tai

I was a bit shocked to find that Donald Trump is going into the network marketing arena. I know he is already the spoke person for ACN, but starting a new network marketing company is a totally different matter.

Donald Trump has recently bought a nutrition company which offers customised nutrition supplements and plan to turn it into a network marketing company. This could potentially be very successful for the following 2 reasons:

1. Donald Trump’s reputation.

He is taking a big risk in putting his reputation on the line here. However, it could work out really well for him. He is a multi-billionaire who has a lot of respect. His name only could be a big factor people want to join the business.

2. Customised Nutrition Supplement is a Unique Selling Point

There are a lot of products out there which claim to be the best nutrition supplement. This ranges from tablets, gel to juice drink. However, none of them are customisable. What does that mean? The Trump Network’s products include a urine test which tests your urine to see what nutrients are lacking in your body. You then send the result back and they will customise your supplement to best suit your need. This is a very clever and I have never seen anything¬†like this before. There is definitely a market out there.

I think these two factors alone can move the Trump Network forward in a big way, regardless of its compensation plan and other factors. However, good marketing skill is still very important to get these two messages across to the world. You can learn about that by subcribing to my online marketing newsletter using the form on the right.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • We totally agree. There are good, bad, ugly sides to the network marketing businesses and unfortunately there are more negative perception than the positive ones. We feel Mr.Donald’s participation in this network marketing industry will naturally help to change many people’s mindset (paradigm) about multi-layered (commission driven) marketing business. Network marketing is like any other businesses where you face comeptition from new ones and seasoned ones that are pressured to perform, sustain and evolve to become better. Without fear or favour, we hope the Direct Selling Association would welcome Mr Donald to this arena. We may learn a thing or two from this very interesting man who has business acumen. There is no question about it. The market will get tougher, companies need to buck up, enhance to provide better quality produts, services to consumers. In short, competition is hdefinitely healthy and it is always the strong ones that somehow later monopolize the economy. This is apparent in many other sectors too. An advice to investors and up-coming mlm entreprenuers: look at the fundamentals of the company and the man behind the business before you embark on your journey in attaining wealth.

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