The MLM Success/Failure Curve

by Ket-Sang Tai

This typical MLM Success/Failure Curve demonstrates beautifully what newbies in this industry go through, which leads to final success or failure.


Excitement – You are either introduced to a new business or you find it online. You are so excited. You set up your website, you listen to all the conference calls, you talk to your friends and family with the highest level of excitement. You believe that you have finally found THE opportunity you have been looking for. The company has the best leadership, best compensation plan and best training (at least that is what your sponsor tells you). You may even spam the social media or spend lots of money on advertising. You might get a few leads or sign up and the excitement goes for a few months.

Disappointment/Challenges – After a few months of working really hard, you do not see the result you want. You have not seen the 5 figure monthly income you are hoping for and some of your downlines or team members decide to leave or do nothing. You also lose a lot of money advertising. Now you have doubt. You are not sure if you have the ability to make this work. You also have doubt about the company and the people. This is the turning point. You either stay put or give up.

Failure or Jump into Another Opportunity – Unfortunately 97% of network marketers choose this path. They either move back to your comfort zone and continue to work for their boss or they find another new business (usually in prelaunch) hoping that they will make it big next time. Of course this new business has better potential, better pay plan, bigger market and better training… of course….

Success/Financial Freedom – 3% of network marketers know that challenges and disppointment is part of life. They also know that failure is a stepping stone for success. They try to evaluate the situation, learn new skills and improve themselve. They might decide to move on to a new business, but only after proper evaluation and assessment of the new company, based on fact and informed decision. After trial and errors as well as continuously improving themselves, they finally achieve the success they deserve.

So which path do you plan to choose? Which path are you taking? Think about it…………

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • pretty neat and nice website design.. great content as well..

  • JD Donahue

    Wow first time I’ve seen that graph. It is a great visual tool for people who are at the “Disappointment/Challenges” So many times I have found my self in that position, but I did not stick with it. Well, not anymore. Thanks for that post.

  • lathu7

    Great insight, i’ve been reading your blogs and they are very helpful.

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