The Success Secret Is Between Your Ears

by Ket-Sang Tai

Recently there is a Tony Robbins video which has gone viral in the internet land. It is a great video interview with John Reese and Frank Kern. It is a really inspirational video and I have watched it a few times.

I think everyone knows that your mindset and belief is the most important component of success. It is not something new. However, he uses an interesting diagram to illustrate the point and I have never come across that before. I want to share it with you.


Everyone of us has the same potential. We can achieve anything if we really want to and take the required action. The problem is that most people do not take the action required to achieve success. No action leads to no result and subsequently the lack of belief in our potential. It becomes a vicious cycle.

So how can you break this cycle? It all begins in the mindset and belief. That is the easiest thing to change in the cycle. You have to condition yourselves and make yourselves believe in your potential. You have to visualise the result or success which you are going to achieve.  Imagine the car you are going to drive, imagine the wam sunshine in the tropical island and imagine the big house you are going to live in. Doing this will enhance your belief in your potential, which will lead to you taking action. The action will in turn bring you result and reinforce your belief.

Once you can break the failure cycle and turn it into a success cycle. You will achieve more success and your dream is not far away.

You can view Tony’s video here.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Patricia

    Thanks for sharing Tony's video, he is great.

    I watched another video online film- ''The YES Movies '' today, the film producer Louis Lautman interviewed some insiprational book authors on topics like challenges & success….

  • Hey Ket-Sang love the contents man. Keep doing your service it's great!

  • Hey Ket-Sang love the contents man. Keep doing your service it's great!

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