Struggling or Building Foundation?

by Ket-Sang Tai

Do you think you are struggling in your business? May be jumping into a new business might give you a better opportunity?

Are you really struggling? Or taking time to build foundation and learn? I have just done a video about this topic. Enjoy!

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Hi Ket,

    Great advice as always! These are encouraging words for many. We live in an instant society and want fast everything. Building a strong foundation is critical to long-term success.


    Jim Hageman

  • kstai

    Thanks for your comment Jim

  • Yes of course, it makes sense and the foundation is very important. Without a good foundation it is not going to sustain long. Thanks for the great sharing.

  • This is what every newbie in Network Marketing should watch and noted. A good foundation and knowledge is critical no matter in what field we jump into. Thanks for this great piece of advise and motivation.

    Hazel Zainal

  • Bernardus

    Great video Dr. Ket-Sang Tai, it is most important to build a solid foundation in any business especially when one think of making network marketing a career and not something to try out for a while. Thank you for your great contribution.

  • Dr. Tai, thanks and please post more videos like this 🙂 . what I like the most in your mentoring style is you keep things simple – it is realistic yet empowering! looking forward to more posts…

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