Social Media: The Goose and The Golden Eggs

by Ket-Sang Tai

Have you heard of the story of the Goose and the golden eggs? I think the same principle applies to social media marketing.

Social Media was initially designed for people to network and keep in touch with each other. The idea of social media marketing is reasonably new. Is it appropriate to use social media for marketing purposes? The answer is Yes if you use it correctly. Networking in social media is no different from networking in the real world. You have to spend a long time building relationship before you can start seeing the benefit.

Marketers who want to see quick result will start posting advertisement in forums, groups, walls (facebook) etc at the very outset. You will be surprised to find that it is actually quite effective, at least in the short term if what you are marketing are good stuffs and you write your advertisement the right way. However, it is like killing the goose for the golden egg. Very soon people will find out who you are and you will have a bad reputation.

On the other hand, if you spend more time networking, making friends and communicating with other people without selling your products, and try to give value to other people, you will start building a large audience and good reputation. The golden eggs will come on a regular basis.

So to all marketers, to patient and the reward will come.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Hi Ket Sang, I coudlnt agree with you more. Its true that when internet marketers “Got It”, they will bombard sales pitch after another blindy (out of enthusiasm), but in the long run, their business will not be sustainable.

    I like your mind set, and I will definitely follow you with what you have going on, or on twitter.

    Dean Henry

  • Great analoty Ket. Its very ineffective for people to be constantly pitching their business on facebook. People will be curious to begin with, but eventually they will be repelled by a constant pitch.

    Jenni Ryan

  • Ket I really like your style. I am the above story. I will definetly be keepin up with you ! And, keep learning ! I loved the story. I will now be steppin back a bit !

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