Social Media Marketing Part 1 – Your Home

by Ket-Sang Tai

Social Network or Social Media marketing is becoming an essential part of marketing. In the future, it could be the mainstay of any marketing campaign. I have written a brief introduction on Social Network Marketing in my Online Marketing article. However, I think it is so important that I will write a separate article series about it. I have to say that I am no expect in this area and just like you, I am learning new thing everyday. What I am trying to write here are things that I learn from other reputable sources.

Social Network Marketing Part 1 – Your Online Home

The online world is running parallel with the real world. Anything that people do in the real world can be done online these days. Social Network Marketing is not about selling, it is more about creating a large social network online and the sales will come natuarally without you having to sell. Active selling can put people off and is a big NO in social network. To understand this concept a bit better, please watch this video here.

The first thing you should have in the online world is a HOME. An online home is somewhere you can:

– invite your friends to visit
– have everything about you in it, like photos, favourite books, links, websites
– tell people more about you and what you do for living and for fun

A HOME in the online world comes in the form of a blog. I am talking about a personal blog and NOT a blog about your business only. Of course you can have a personal blog and a business blog linking to each other. For example, I have this GEM Lifestyle blog called and I also have a personal blog called is my online home and is like my meeting/training room for GEM Lifestyle associates.

Where can you get a blog?
There are two types of blog, hosted blog and self-hosting blog. Hosted Blogs, as the name suggests, are hosted by a third party and all you need to do is to open an account, choose a blog name and then start posting. Popular hosted blogs are and Your blog will have an address like or An example of a Gem Lifestyle support blog is

If you are familair with web hosting, you can try self-hosted blogs. Basically you need your own webhosting and install the blog software into your hosting space. This is more complicated but allows more customization. My blogs are all self hosted. You can download wordpress blog at

What should I put on my blog?
The answer is everything about you. Imagine it is your home. Visitors or guests should be able to find out everything about you on your blog. You should include:

  • photos, basic personal information
  • what you do for living – you can have a separate page about your job
  • what business are you doing – in the context of GEM Lifestyle, you can have a separate page about Gem Lifestyle and Gem Island
  • what do you do for fun – tell people about your hobbies, family etc
  • post anything about you that might be of interest to other people. Eg. a funny experience at work, an interesting book you read, new ideas etc etc.
  • holiday pictures if you want to.

If you want a better web address, you can buy a domain name and then forward it to your blog.

From now onwards, whenever you want someone to know more about you, you can send them to your blog. Remember, your blog is your HOME, not your SHOP. Please try to avoid heavy sell pitch or advertisement on it. If a visitor to your blog find it interesting, they will keep reading and find out more about you, including your business.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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