Social Media Marketing Mindset

by Ket-Sang Tai

A lot of people are trying to do social media marketing but sadly, most people do it the wrong way. This will not only ruin your own reputation, it will also affect other people’s experience on social media. Before you start your social media marketing, it is important to know that despite the word marketing, you are actually not doing marketing on social media. You need to have the right mindset and do it the correct way.

It is all about buildingĀ  relationship.

Forget about your business, forget about the need to pay your bill and forget about how much money you are going to make. You are on social media to make friends. You need to focus on building relationship with people. A relationship is about give and take. You need to be giving 80% of the time and asking for something in return only 20% of the time. It is human nature that if you give something to someone, people will want to give back to you. This is how you should be doing in social media.

It is also about giving value.

Giving value is the key. You need to publish good content which empowers and helps other people in their business or life. It doesn’t have to be your own content, you can simply share other people’s contents which you find online. Sharing a good blog post or an interesting video are examples of that. When people find your content, posts or tweets valuable, then they will follow you.

You might ask, who do you network with?

You have to be very conscious with your time and decide who do you network with. It is very important to network with people of influence. That doesn’t mean you have to ignore everyone else. You need to priority your time and build relationship with influencial people, people with large number of twitter followers, people with good blogs and people who have great presence online. What you should start doing is write a list of people you want to build relationship with and think of a way you can offer some value to them. For example, you can retweet their tweets, share their blog posts and start a conversation.

You have to decide what your brand is?

You want to be unique and have a brand. For example, my brand is internet marketing and personal development. You can even go into more specific areas like social media, pay per click etc. Good examples of branding are Perry Belcher with Socia Media and Perry Marshall with Google Adwords. Remember, your MLM company is NOT your brand. You should not brand yourself as “The Amway Guy” or “The Herbalife Leader”. It should be about you and what you are good at.

Now I hope you have a good understanding on social media marketing. So go find your niche and start building relationship.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Great post Ket, thanks so much for sharing!

  • tjune

    Hi Dr Ket, I hope I address you RIGHT!
    Yes! You are absolutely RIGHT!
    Branding is very important on Internet Business nowsaday, as well as Mindset.
    I came across on USA report that there are more than 5 jobs for a person in 2040.
    Therefore, we can not brand ourselves as Amway Leader, or whatever…
    That is why we brand ourselves – – Slogan: Sharing is Power!
    Can I share your article with my friends?

  • kstai

    Hi TJ,

    Thanks for you comment. Of course you can share. Share it with as many people as you like.

  • kstai

    Hi TJ,

    Thanks for you comment. Of course you can share. Share it with as many people as you like.

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