MLM Tips from Millionaires

March 14, 2012

Tweet Do you want to succeed in your MLM business? If you want to succeed in your MLM business, then you won’t want to miss some success tips from MLM Millionaires. Ted Nuyten, the owner of, interviewed some of the MLM Millionaires for their best advice to have massive success and here are some […]

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Vemma Hong Kong & China

March 7, 2012

Tweet Just want to share a piece of good news to people in Hong Kong and China who read my blog regularly. Some of you have been asking me for a while when we will be opening in Hong Kong and China. I finally have the answer for you. We will be officially open in […]

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Bob Proctor Says Opportunity is Alive!

February 29, 2012

Tweet “When you tell us what you want, we will show you how to get it”. This is what Bob Proctor says in his Opportunity Alive video. Bob Proctor is one of the most sought-after speakers in the world for professional coaching and company seminars and a Teacher in the wildly popular film, The Secret, […]

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Is the Internet Killing MLM?

January 13, 2012

Tweet Why would I say that? I recently read a sale copy from Tim Sales and what he says is absolutely right. With the advance of internet and social media, everyone thinks it is easy to make money online and a lot of network marketers think internet is the solution for their failing businesses. This […]

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2012

December 21, 2011

Tweet I wish all my blog readers, friends, followers and students a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Wish you a happy, health and prosperous 2012. Let’s take advantage of this festive period to spend more time with people we care about and also set our goal for 2012! To Your Success, Ket-Sang Tai

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The Stories of a Great Man – Steve Job

October 7, 2011

Tweet We all know how great a visionary Steve Job is and how great a marketer he is. He will be remembered forever. Here is a video of his speech to Stanford University 2005 graduates. 3 great stories you can learn from. To Your Success, Ket-Sang Tai

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Bad MLM Retention?

September 21, 2011

Tweet I often hear people say MLM is a leaking bucket and the retention rate for most companies are poor. A lot of people even conclude that MLM doesn’t work and a better way to make money is just to sell high price products, earn the money and don’t have to worry about retention. This […]

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Where The Leads Are Coming From?

August 23, 2011

Tweet Recently I listened to a fantastic broadcast by some of the best marketers in the world right now. They talked about where the leads are coming from right now. I find it really useful and want to share with you guys. 1. Facebook PPC Facebook PPC is the main source of leads for a […]

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Towards The End…..

August 6, 2011

Tweet I have not posted on this blog for a while. I hope you are keeping well. I am writing this on the High Speed Rail to Taiwan Taoyuan Airport. My 3 weeks Asia trip is about to end. I truly had great time. The best thing about this trip is that it is tax […]

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MLM and Vegetable Growing

May 19, 2011

Tweet I am by no mean a keen gardener or vegetable grower. I have been playing around planting stuffs in my garden as the weather in UK this year has been fantastic so far. When I was looking at my plants this morning, something struck me. There are actually a lot of similarities between building […]

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