How To Optimize Your Squeeze Page

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by Ket-Sang Tai

A squeeze is like you shop front in online marketing. By improving your squeeze page, you can increase your opt-in rate and sale dramatically without spending more time or effort on marketing.

There are 6 components of a squeeze page you can optimize:

1. Copy

A squeeze page copy comprises of a headline, bullet points and opt-in copy. The headline has to be interesting and unique so that it captures visitors’ attention and makes them read the rest of the copy. The bullet points describe the main benefits of your products and you need to make it as attractive as possible. You have to always think about your visitors and talk about how your products can help them. The opt-in copy is the final push to overcome their final resistance to give you their names and email addresses. You need to make this as convincing as possible.

2. Color

There is no one color which works better others. It all depends on the market and your target audience. Generally dark or white background works better than bright colors. You need to split test it to see which one works better for your market.

3. Design

Design is less important than the copy. So you don’t need to spend too much time on design. You just need to make sure it is clear and clean. You can test different things like border around main table, dashed border around opt-in form or a big arrow pointing towards your opt-in form.

4. Offer

Your offer needs to be compelling. It needs to build curiosity and desire. Think about it as a value exchange. Does the perceived value of what your prospects will get outweights the risk of giving you their names or email addresses? Offer of free training or free ebook is a great way to increase your conversion.

5. Privacy Policy

If you think about value exchange again, this part is about minimizing the perceived risk. If you make your privacy statement strong and very close to the submit button, your visitors are more likely to opt-in.

6. Opt-in form

This is where actions are taken by your prospects. Putting your opt-in form at the upper part of your page so your prospects do not have to scroll down is a proven way to increase conversion. You can also change the “submit” button to “Get It Now”, “Let Me In” or something similar and test it. You may want to tell your prospect that information will be emailed to them to increase the percentage of valid email addresses.

These are things you can change and try. The important thing is that you need to split test it. Without testing, you will never know which one works better. Start testing and improving until you achieve a sastisfactory conversion rate.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Ket, Thanks for the advice.

  • Great advice Ket, you make it so simple yet most marketers mess this up. Thanks 🙂

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  • and split testing 😉

  • lorenaheletea

    Great points Ket. Thank you.

  • kstai

    Yes. Split testing is important too. Thanks Lawrence for reminding me.

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