Nuriche Burst Into The MLM Scene

by Ket-Sang Tai

Not another one! You must be thinking that. I usually think the same way when I come across a new company. However, having spent some time on the website, I have to say that I am impressed and I like this company. Let me tell you why.


Nuriche uses an exclusive technology called InstaFresh which turns whole life food into powder without using high temperature. As a result they can integrate a lot of whole food into their products in powder form. For example, their main product, LiVE has 30 fruits, 30 vegetables, seeds, nuts, sprouts, enzymes, fulvic minerals and probiotics. They claim that our body is designed to absorb whole food better.  The product is also affordable. This is probably the easiest way to meet our daily requirement of fruits and vegetables, which is always a challenging process. So there is no fancy exotic fruit or special ingredient. It is trying to solve a problem most people face, which is eating enough fresh fruits and vegetable on a daily basis.

Compensation Plan

Nuriche is free to join, which can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. Personally I prefer businesses with higher entry point firstly to screen out the less serious people and secondly to allow distributors to make upfront commissions. There are 3 levels in the compensation plan, depending of how many products you buy each month. The commission struture and bonuses are different for each level. One thing which stands out immediately is that at the top of the compensation plan is a charity organisation, and not the so called founders who makes a lot of money as distributors as well as executives. I can see strong commitment to good cause.


I love the Nuriche management team. The team comprises of an investment banker and venture capitalist, a premier whole food product formulator, 2 lawyers, an information technologist, a network marketing guru and a previous corporate vice president of a network marketing company. They all have extensive experience in their own field.

Marketing and Training

This is one thing I can’t find on their website. In my opinion, network marketing has changed. It is not about sharing your products with a few friends or family anymore. It is about leveraging the power of internet to reach out to entrepreneurs worldwide. It is about high quality training by top marketers. So if you are considering joining Nuriche, do try to find out more about the marketing and training from your potential upline. If it is indeed disappointing, we can consider using a generic marketing and training system to build your business.

In summary, it is a great company with great products and strong commitment to charity. I would prefer a compensation plan with more upfront commission. Marketing and training is still an unknown but any shortcoming in this area can be easily rectified using a generic marketing system. It is certainly better than a lot of other companies out there. More information can be found on Nuriche official website.

PS: I am not associated with Nuriche in any way.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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