Norbert Orlewicz Review

by Ket-Sang Tai

norbertsmallNorbert Orlewicz is one of the most down to earth internet marketing gurus. He has personally mentored and coached thousands of people throughout the world and helping them achieve success in internet marketing and network marketing. He teaches people how to generate 50+ leads a day for their business using internet marketing. He is also the creator of MLM Lead System Pro, the first and most popular attraction marketing system out there today. I have the pleasure to be one of the top producers in the system and I have personal contact with Norbert Orlewicz. He is also a mentor in my primary business. After getting to know him, I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by how down to earth he is. He is a family man full of integrity and a true leader.

How did Norbert Orlewicz get started in the MLM industry?

Norbert is one of the only other people in the whole Network Marketing profession that went through as much failure as I did when I started, and managed to plough through the rejection, excuses, crappy advice, and silly systems until he built a dramatic level of personal success.

Norbert began his career in Network Marketing being tortured to frustration by doing ‘Old School’ MLM tactics to his complete and utter despair.  For SIX YEARS he fell flat on his face – doing meetings, 3 way calls, buying ‘generic’ business opportunity leads, and marketing company replicated websites.

Can you imagine that?  Six years of spending more money than he earned, getting rejected, and failing and STILL he didn’t quit?  Well, it paid off in the long run, because when Norbert figured out what he’d been doing wrong, his check went from $200 a month to more than $25,000 in six weeks…

…and it hasn’t gone down since.

So what was he doing wrong?

Quite simply, he was following the advise of well meaning, but dead wrong mentors.  His mentors were telling him to ‘make a list of your friends’, ‘wander around in shopping malls to meet new people’ and to ‘buy business opportunity leads.’  Does any of that sound familiar?

Finally, he ran into a mentor who knew what they were doing, and he started to learn how to ‘attract’ endless streams of prospects to his business, using nothing more than technology and smart marketing, funneling everyone through a proven sales funnel and…

…PRESTO!  $25,000 in six weeks.

How Did He do It?

He learnt and applied the attraction marketing formula taught by Mike Dillard in his Magnetic Sponsoring ebook. He is one of the many students of Mike Dillard which have achieved tremendous success using the same formula. The secret to this formula is to offer value first to other people without expecting any return. Being someone of value is very attractive and that is how Norbert Orlewicz can attract tons to leads to him, without having to do all the traditional old school methods.

See How He Changed This 22 Years Old Young Man’s Life

Video from Jim Chao

Here is the step by step formula that Norbert follows:

1.  He has a highly personalized, personally branded marketing system, that has an attractive offer that encourages visitors to opt in to his website.  (Much like what you see on this Webpage, although this is more tailored to a specific audience than what you’ll see on most of Norbert’s sites).

2.  He has a scientific, step by step sales funnel that gradually increases his personal credibility with his prospects, and brands himself as a leader – over time, this creates a great deal of personal trust.

3.  He creates profitable income streams from marketing relevant affiliate products, and all of these sales, commissions, and profit eventually funnel his prospects into joining his primary opportunity.

4.  With a powerful, proven sales funnel, he now aggressively markets his business through PPC campaigns, video promotion, article marketing, and social media.  The system takes care of itself with enough traffic and lead flow.

That’s it!  If you follow the same process for YOUR business, you’ll be sponsoring 20 people per month in no time flat.  When I took this simple formula and applied it to my own business, my success was dramatic, immediate, and if I don’t say so myself…

…ridiculously awesome.

If you want to learn how to build your business using step by step, specific instructions that will have you sponsoring more people per month than are currently in your downline… put your name, email and phone number into the form below.  I’ll see you at the top.


To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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