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I am Dr Ket-Sang Tai, author and creator of , co-founder and trainer at VTA Team.

The reason why I am writing this story is that I have been constantly approached by people who are tired and sick of their 9-5 job, spending their entire life working for other people and want to find a way to escape the rat race and improve their lives. I want to take this opportunity to share with you the secret of financial freedom and making money online. But before I get into that… let me just tell you a little bit about myself.

My Story…..

I was born in a small town in southern part of Borneo. I was brought up in a small family which has a strong emphasis on education and believe that a good professional education will guaranteed a good life. I worked very hard since I was a kid and finally became the top achiever in school and awarded a scholarship to do Medicine in Australia. After graduating from medical school, I came over to the UK to further my professional training. Life was good and I earned a decent income. I travel a lot because traveling is my passion. I am also a football fan and enjoy going to live matches.

How I Found Network Marketing…..

However, I soon realized that the harder I work the more work I had to do and I was spending less and less time with people I care. I was looking for other ways to generate income so that I can have the time freedom to do whatever I like and spend time with people I love. I found network marketing 4 years ago after inspired by Robert Kiyosaki through his books, RichDad PoorDad and CashFlow Quadrant.

My Initial Struggle……

I believe strongly that MLM or Network marketing is the best way for ordinary people to achieve their financial goals. However, THE PROBLEM is that 90+% of Network Marketers fail to achieve what they want. When I first started in network marketing business 4 years ago, I was so impressed and fired up by all the leaders’ income claim. I worked very hard, did my warm market list, called everyone I know, applied the 3 foot rule, listened to all conference calls and attended all meetings. I even spent thousands of dollars on marketing and advertising! I was able to sponsor a handful of people and started making some money. However, I was not making the 6 or 7 figure income I wanted. And very soon, I ran out of cash and couldn’t afford to pay for any advertising anymore. I was really struggling and no one could tell me what I should be doing to take it to the next level. I had also lost quite a few friends who were sick of me telling them how great my business was!

Internet Attraction Marketing – The Holy Grail?

I then came across Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring, which he talks about Attraction Marketing and Internet Marketing. I also joined an Attraction Marketing System called MyLeadSystemPRO or MLSP. I spent 18 months working very hard, up to 30 hours a week part time  to learn internet marketing. My hard work really paid off and during these 18 months, I built an email list of 15,000 leads and was making $3000+ a month of affiliate commission. I was the top marketer in the MLSP system for many months and was part of their L4 Executive Mastermind group.

Above: Leads Generated Per Day

Generated $4687.9 affiliate commission in 3 days during a JV product launch

I Have Cracked It, But……

It seems that Internet Attraction Marketing is really the Holy Grail and I have cracked it? No, not really. Looking back at my business, I found something not right.

1) My initial goal of coming into the MLM industry was to generate residual income, but only 10% of my income from marketing was truly residual income. 90% was from continuous marketing and selling. If I stop marketing for 1 month, my income would go down right away.

2) My MLM business was growing but I found most members are struggling with the complexity of the system and ended up spending lots of money buying tools and course and not making money.

3) Most of my income was from affiliate commissions selling marketing courses and tools. I was actually making money from my downlines while they were struggling. This is against my principles and not really what I want.

4) Most people in the Internet Attraction Marketing world put more emphasis in affiliate commissions than the actual MLM business. They view their MLM businesses as one of many affiliate programs. Some of them end up jumping from one company to another or building 3-4 MLM businesses at the same time. Most end up broke. I have to confess that at one point I was dragged into the “jumping” culture as well. (Of course there are some very good MLM marketers among them as well and some are good friends of mine)

90+% of Marketer Will Fail, In Both Internet Attraction Marketing & Old School

So the reason for my initial struggle was not really because I was using the old school methods. In fact, there are many people making huge income using those so called outdated ways. The so called “new school” marketing is not necessary the way forward, as many people will never make it work due to the complexity. In MLM, it is important to keep things simple. After doing research on many MLM companies and many successful leaders and also people who have failed, I found that success in MLM is not due to a method, a special product or a special company, it is multifactorial.

The 6 Secrets of Success In The Business of The 21st Century


I use the term “The Business of the 21st Century” instead of MLM because Robert Kiyosaki, in his latest book describes MLM as the business of the 21st century, which is a big endorsement of the industry as a whole.  I found that to become successful in MLM, there are 6 factors or secrets which have to be in place.

With this new found knowledge and insight, I joined an incredible company and created VTA Team. VTA is a community of people who understand and believe in the 6 secrets and are willing to help each other achieve success using network marketing and internet marketing. I take the best of what I have learnt over the last 2 years in term of building a MLM team and internet marketing and put it into our training hub. All members can access these top class internet marketing training for free.

Our team is growing strong and fast. Here I am today, enjoying teaching and helping others building their businesses. If you would like to work with me, fill in the form below and I will be in touch.



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To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Dereknola

    Finally check out your site; Interesting. Hope new project is going well.

  • Teres

    I'm Teres, sorry not to reply your mail. I still not confident to do this business because I don't like to join people and attend any function to listen the presentation. I want to earn side income money, is there any way to do this online business through youe guide in email? Please guide me….Thank you

  • elizabeth

    Dr Tai thank you for the statistics, it is amazing how some numbers work for some and for others. It really comes down to “you”. People like you and I are what make capitalism and freedom a good thing. Thanks for being part of the team and appreciate all you do, have a wondrous day

    Elizabeth Daigle

  • Robin

    I enjoy reading your blog and I do believe 6 factors. My problem is I am deaf and I want someone to communicate with me in ASL like showing me or teaching me.  Will you willing to work with deaf potential client?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for your comment. Robin, I am glad you have joined us.

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  • Larry W. Coleman

    It’s very simple I met you by phone 16 months ago, I appreciated your honesty then, & I appreciate it even more now. I have gone broke trying to get rich in mlm’s. I have a passion for the concept, but because of my senior years do not believe I have longivity of life left to build a vibrant business. Can you help me?
    Larry W. Coleman.

  • Anonymous

    You shouldn’t have to spend a lot of money and go broke in MLM. There are proven ways you can do it, only if you have the desire and will to follow the proven strategies. You might not have the longevity of life (according to you, which I don’t really know how old you are) to build a vibrant business, but some extra income will certainly help in having a more enjoyable life in later years. We have members from 60-70 years old doing this business and enjoying the extra income as well as friendship they created with people.

    Larry, you know what I do and how I do it as I have told you before. If you think you want to give it another go, fill in the form above and we can go from there.


  • Anonymous

    Sorry for the late reply. The answer is undoubtly “yes” because we are already working together.

  • Anonymous

    I pleased with content I’ve already seen on this wonderful information & messaging site. Ilook forward to sharing, & caring with others as we colectively shrink the size of this enormous world we live in & share.
    My excitement is to start a journey with Dr. Ketsangtai, & his exquisit mentoring technique.

  • Anonymous

    Good day Sir; I’m not sure if this is a viable site to chat on, as I first thought it was a marvelous way to communicate. I however now get multiple emails apparently automatically generated that tell me to use skype, which isn’t free as is advertised. I am not a subscriber to skype,and must make some serious choices as to where I put my money to work. I would have hoped I could converse over the email system as it is free, so personal as to allow me to share my situation and who I am with you as a leader, and my choice as a mentor. You see I can’t allow myself to care about how much you know, until I’m assured of how much you care.I want so much to do the right things for the right reasons, and await your lead.

  • kstai

    Sorry for the late reply Larry. Skype is actually free when you chat to other Skype user. It costs you money only when you want to call other’s phone.

  • kstai

    It is going well. Thanks

  • kstai

    Teres, the only way to make good money is to build your network. Learn to deal with people. It is a must.

  • kstai

    Thanks Elizabeth.

  • This site is really awesome and impressive amazing full of great stuff.

  • After doing research on many MLM companies and many successful leaders
    and also people who have failed, I found that success in MLM is not due
    to a method, a special product or a special company, it is

  • This article is great and full of information. I enjoy it


    This blog was something motivating, thanks Ket Sang !