MLMLeadSystemPRO Frequently Asked Questions

by Ket-Sang Tai

1. What is MLM Lead System Pro?

MLM Lead Syste Pro is an attraction marketing system designed to solve two major problems network marketers face today, which are lack of leads and lack of cashflow.

Watch this video for more information:

2. Who created the system?mlsp

It is created by three internet marketers Norbert Orlerwicz, Brian Fanale and Todd Schlomer. I know them and they are great marketers.

3. Does it work for my MLM business?

Yes. It works for most MLM businesses. The reason I say most is because the aim of using this system is to generate leads and cashflow from these leads. Whether these leads will join your MLM business depends on how attractive you and your MLM businesses are.

4. How does it generate leads for me?

It provides you with a lead capture website which brands yourself and your training. (example of lead capture page). The system also provides you with internet marketing training so that you can promote this website effectively online. People who fill in their details and become your leads.

5. How do I generate cashflow from these leads?

Your ultimate aim is to sponsor them into your MLM business. However, most people will not join your business regardless of how good you are or how good your business is. We have 16 built-in affiliate programs (including the system itself) to monetize these leads. The system will do the job of selling these affiliate products via pre-written emails and you don’t have to do anything.

6. Do I need to be computer savvy?

It certainly helps if you have some background knowledge. However, the lack of computer knowledge shouldn’t stop you. You can learn all those skills, but it will take you longer to see results.

7. Where do I get training?

There are more than 100 hours of recorded training videos within the system. There are also 2 weekly live webinars, one covering basic set up and one covering various marketing techniques. Further support and training will be provided by your referring affiliate.

8. Is there conflict with my MLM?

No. This is a two tier affiliate program, not an MLM. So there shouldn’t be any problem.

9. How many leads can I get and how soon?

There is no guarantee. Some people generate no lead, some generate 50-100 leads a day. It depends on you. It is like your MLM business, some people make no money, some become millionaires. The system is a tool to increase your chance of success, but ultimately it is up to you. If someone tell you they can help you get so many leads within a certain time period, they are lying. Of course it is a different story if you buy leads, but that is totally different. We are talking about teaching you how to generate leads.

10. What is the cost? Any extra?

The minumum you need is $70 a month, which includes $50 for the system and $20 for an independent autoresponder system, like aweber or Getresponse. There are other tools you can buy after you learn the basic, but you don’t need any of those before you start generating leads and making money.

11. What is an autoresponder system and why do I need it?

It is a system where you store all your leads information and where emails are sent out automatically on your behalf. These leads are your online asset. You need to have a good place to store them. It also saves you heaps of time not having to email everyone  individually.


12. Where can I find more information?

If you have been contacted my someone about the system, go back to that person for more information? Otherwise, you can find out more at

PS: If there is any more question I have not covered, leave a comment and I will add to the list.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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