MLM Tip : Sponsoring Up

by Ket-Sang Tai

One major mistake average network marketers make is that they are too afraid to sponsor people who they think are better or more successful than them. They often have a list of very successful people they know. They know that if they can get these people in their team, they will do really well. However, in their mind, they assume that these people will not listen to them because they are inferior.

But really, the only way you can speed up your success is by sponsoring people who are as good if not better than you. Lets imagine if you only sponsor people less capable than you and your team will follow you and do the same, what will your organization looks like? What type of people you get at your level 5 or 6?

So you shouldn’t be afraid. You can use your sponsor for 3 way call if necessary. Your business will grow much quicker if you can sponsor people better than you. If you are not good at prospecting, sponsor someone who is. If you are not good at computer or internet marketing, sponsor someone who is. This is really the true secret of success in MLM.

So think about it and take action. Take out that list you have and go for it.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Hey Kets,

    Good point there my friend many a time I have had people that are borderline worried that they have a new high flying distributor. But I say bring them on!


  • eggerist

    generaly when you sponser someone, it is either to finace them or add them to YOUR name as someone you have trust in and you know their work to be acceptable in the public eye.(since I am basicly in the art field, I am using this as my example).
    I could say that I am being sponsered as I am the one without funds, but my abilities and talents are praised, accepted and used (hopefully, not exploited). Trust is foremost in our mutal agreement!

  • rubennila

    $$ excellent and perfect blog congratulations.
    a greeting and thanks

  • Good advise Ket.

  • hanafi

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