Xyngular’s offer:  Yet Another Healthy Beverage or a good business opportunity?

Most of us are driven by our need to get healthier, more resistant to aging/stress effects and also more wealthy, if possible all at the same time.  This is the type of customers to which Xyngular targets its product and compensation plan. We are looking at what appears to be the classic MLM company, but with a profile that could make a difference. Let us see how.

The company , headquartered in American Fork, Utah , is indeed a very young one. Founded on 1st of December 2009, by 9th of the same month it had already gotten to over 300 representatives. That sounds like a good start and the company does have some ambitious goals.

The management team is an interesting one from a strictly professional standpoint. The Founder and President of Xyngular, Marc Walker, has an experience of over 20 years in Network Marketing and has occupied management positions in both NuSkin and Xango.  The Operations Director, Mark Bishop, has a technical background which he has molded into a pretty nice management experience with remarkable results.  On the company’s website, he professes his belief in the fact that the success of any company resides in simply building the best team. Looking at his results with his former employers, it seems he does make a point.

The Product we are looking at is a beverage based on anti-oxidants (among them: L-Glutamine acid, L-Cysteine, and Glycine. Along with only 4 grams of sugar, 4g Carbs, and 15 calories) and adaptogens  (among them:  Amla fruit extract, Ginseng root extract and Eleuthero root). A mix of fruit extracts meant to improve health, basically. Some sources announce that other supplements and health-related products are to be launched soon under the same trademark.

The market for this type of product is, as we mentioned above, a pretty good one, even if a bit prone to over-saturation.  The Xyngular formula is, although appealing, not the thing that might make the difference when trying to judge the company as a business opportunity.  There are two things that can help you succeed: the company you choose and, most importantly, the time and efforts you invest yourself in educating/improving your marketing abilities. No matter how good a product or a compensation plan, following the old-school method of nagging your family and neighbors will not do anymore. This is the age of Internet Marketing solutions and we all have to adapt fast to that fact.  But let’s see what this particular company has to offer, nonetheless.

The compensation plan Xyngular have chosen to implement is what could be called a “singular” combination between a “driven leg” in Binary Plans with  a Unilevel Compensation Plan.  Many companies tend to make such combinations in order to personalize their concept of Unilevel, and adapt it to their own needs and particularities. This particular company however is  led by two capable managers and is holding a high  ambition of expanding its network over some 36 countries until the end of this year.

We are not sure what training Xyngular has to offer to his marketers, as there is no information available on that subject. We can blame this on the fact that the company is still developing (even their site is under construction as we speak), so we will be waiting for new, encouraging updates from them. However, as a starting entrepreneur, you might have to find your own methods of marketing and also get the education you need from alternative resources in the meantime.

To sum up, Xyngular is a not-so-singular company in MLM business but does have the advantage of being a young,  fast-growing one. This fact might present itself as a good opportunity for the average entrepreneur to become if not the best at least one of the few who actually go big.  We are convinced that the key to this is using the latest technology and the latest on-line marketing strategies available. Educating yourself to that respect is most important. Start now, by accessing this page. You will get the insights you need to start building your success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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