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Going green and getting profits?

We are becoming more and more aware of the environmental issues this planet has.  Wowgreen is apparently built on this awareness. It’s a true fact that developing more and more products that are environment-friendly is positive from all points of view. However, the question that comes to mind  is: how much profit can we actually take from this type of initiative? (apart from the moral sense that we did something good for humanity, that is).  This is what we will discuss in the next paragraphs.

The company is based in Southfield, Michigan. Although it is not an old or established company, it is not brand new either: their official launch took place in mid 2009. The founder of the company, namely Allie T. Mallard, has made himself well-known as a very successful franchisee. When he entered the MLM business his name was already established, so he did what may see impossible for many: he became the top distributor for a company within only 6 months after his enrollment.  Jordan Zimmerman. The company’s president is also a success, this time in the automotive industry. He took care of the advertising and client service for many important retail brands through Zimmerman Advertising, his own company. The senior executive Vice President of Operations, Owen Stern, has also a great executive experience. So far so good, we are looking at a strong team of leaders, not your usual MLM-only entrepreneurs, but people who actually made it in traditional market. Fresh air, fresh visions and energy seem to be implied in this business.

After viewing the management team we can have a better look at the product itself. WowGreen sell an environment-friendly cleaning products based on enzymes and only a small amount of surfactants.  Their “breakthrough” is, as they explain, the fact that they succeeded in adding more than one enzyme in their products, whereas usually, such a mix would end up with the enzymes destroying each other at contact (thus the traditional cleaning products will only have one enzyme added to the many surfactants).

The question is, however, if the breakthrough this company is implying is actually something that will bring more customers thus making your work easier. More nicely put: does an environment friendly line of cleaning products actually have a good market? On the good side, this is just the type of product or novelty the MLM market will take up easily. The strategy implies selling not only a mere useful product, but getting a strong set of beliefs to sustain that product and the network you are building also. Looking at Wowgreen, the biodegradable, natural components of its products obviously appeal to the environment-concerned people of this planet. The number of people who start being aware of the impact of what they use upon nature grows day after day. Well, it only follows that Wowgreen’s market is also a rapidly growing one.

Looking at the Compensation Plan however, even if the market we are talking about will grow rapidly within the next few years, you can’t expect a rapid income boost after enrollment. They use a two-legged (binary) structure, of course bearing no depth limit. The problem  that might raise here is that, no matter how many enrollments you will make (this will be the easiest part, all things considered), actually balancing your structure and starting to earn real money from your lesser leg will take a lot of time, experience and effort. This is where we feel we should emphasize again (as we did in previous reviews) that a good marketing education is essential in this business. We are talking here of course equally of human, non-stalking “warm market” beginners’ approaches and online marketing – for those who want get to a higher level of experience.

The good part in Wowgreen compensation plan is that the extra bonuses that come to help the binary structure are within reach, so they can get very helpful. The Fully Active Independent Distributors who nonetheless attained a Paid-As Rank of Executive or higher will earn a 100% matching bonus of $25 or $50. This goes for all First Order Enroller Bonuses earned by Distributors, Managers and Supervisors. Same percent goes to Directors with a Paid-as-Rank below Director linked to them by sponsorship genealogy. This is paid weekly to the 1st qualified Executive or higher rank up line by sponsorship from the ID who earned the First Order Enroller Bonus.

We are at risk of getting a bit overly positive about this company. This is because we really appreciate their obvious focus upon the training they offer to their marketers. That means they have not only the classic product presentations and conferences, but they also keep specific train meetings with experienced, successful speakers. They also have what they call “Commercial Training Classes.  Way to go, we might say.

Our advice would be, in case you apply for Wowgreen make sure you go take their training classes. This is not bound make the difference between you and the average marketer who struggles, but you will get the best insight on the specific techniques you should apply for this specific company. What goes and what doesn’t with Wowgreen. That is valuable information. However, we come back and say: though helpful, it will not be enough. You will need to have a better key to success in order to make a difference. Educating yourself in MLM techniques, old and, more importantly, new ones, is the real key. So go check this link, take a look, get hungry for more (I assure you, you will) start digging for what really makes the difference and, of course, build your own efficient, precise path to success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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