VoiParty: Telephony goes MLM

VoiParty is one of the few MLM companies that are trying to bring communications in the direct marketing area. Many traditional companies that provide telephony services use a “within network free calls” policy.  However, most established phone companies only offer within network calls that are only somewhat cheaper instead of free.  This is why establishing a phone company that uses direct marketing  to promote its services seems somewhat natural.  Why not let a social network become a telephony network where every call is free? Of course, the natural question that issues is: will that network be  profitable for its users too?

The company was started in 2005 and it’s headquartered in Florida. It was founded by Joe Mechado (now CEO), Dr. Ciro Martinez II (President) and Paul Jorgensen (senior Vice President).  Their offer is based upon a peer-to-peer system IXC (Inter-Exchanged Communications). They claim to have brought this type of service into MLM for the first time in MLM industry history.  But let’s have a look at the way they choose to market it.

The product VoiParty is selling consists of a package of telecommunication services that is fully free within the network. However, any calls from outside the network are routed to the VoiParty network and are paid by the end user as long distance calls.  This is what VoiParty base their income on. Also, they use their own technology and products in order to maintain the network- a thing that is not granted not even by traditional telecommunication company.

The market for such a product is not an easy one of course. We all know the struggle and awe of traditional companies’ employees in order to sell their services and more than that, we know how annoyed we have been for generations by this type of offers. However, there is hardly any phone company in history that can claim that their services are absolutely free of charge for their users. Given the fact that you will probably sell those services to your friends and relatives, most of their calls will be free of charge. That’s a good story to tell as a marketer, and an appealing service to sell of course.

The compensation plan for VoiParty is based upon a 3X12 matrix. Until the end of January this year, new members were eligible for a VIP membership. Nowadays, however, adding one person to the network will allow you to to get bonuses from 5 levels downline. You will go on to more levels once you are qualified to other types of memberships(System developer, network developer, network executive, vice president and senior vice president, each of the memberships having a “star” alternative available.

The training for VoiParty marketers consists only of the instructions and tips your sponsor might give to you or to his whole team. Apparently, the company does not think providing a how to for its marketers is relevant. It is true that simply using your connection device might bring you some money, but if you want to build a real team with real profits, you will probably need more than that also.

As a conclusion, VoiParty goes on a good and profitable idea, but it seems to be focused on getting a good company profit exclusively, not necessarily on encouraging the business opportunities of the users. This is not to say you cannot have a good business within the company, only you will need to focus on building that business from scratch and getting your own inside-the-company strategy. Check this link in order to get the tips you actually need to that end: how to build a network, how to invest in marketing and internet marketing, what is specific to this type of company etc. Generally speaking, check this link in order to find out how you can be amongst the few who actually benefit from this company.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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