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A traveler’s business opportunity

For some people the world divides into two categories: those who are passionate about traveling and those who are yet to discover its mirage and benefits. From this standpoint, all you really need in order to create a network of passionate travelers is to give them the occasion to leave their home towns and experience new cultures and geographic areas. When looking at it, TVI Express is not only a chance to make money for the few successful people, but also a good chance to travel and get your money back, while sharing your experience with those who just came back from their vacation. Either way, the TVI Express entrepreneur will always have to build a good network and have a productive evolution within the company. We will review here the available information on the company, so you can decide if this is actually possible.

The company was founded in the first part of 2009 with a home base office located in London, United Kingdom. Since then Travel Ventures International Express has expanded in over 150 countries. The management team is lead by Bill Hemming, which acts as CEO and President. Inside the company he holds the rank of Admiral and the Senior Vice President Sam Cooper is called Vice Admiral. There is not much information about the founders and the team, therefore we cannot express an opinion about their experience and about their ability to lead the company.

The product that TVI Express is selling is a travel voucher that can be redeemed for a 7 days vacation that includes the return airfare also. This makes TVI a discount travel club. After paying the fee customers receive access to a travel interface and backoffice that allows them to refer others to TVI and get travel discounts. Most of the people enjoy traveling and most of them are dreaming going around the world or places they enjoy thus making the market of TVI Express a large one. Cheaper ways to travel will bring them a lot of new customers of all ages (over 18) during the crisis we are now going through, and not only.

TVI Express compensation plan is built upon a 3 by 4 matrix. Joining TVI Express will get you on the Level 1 position on the Traveler Board. The Traveler Board has 4 levels and when people sponsor others and get the board filled, the one on the level 4 cycles out to Express Board and everybody advances one level. Advancing to the next board will earn you the entry fee and another travel voucher. The Express Board works in the same way as the Traveler Board, the only difference between the two is the bonus when you reach level 4 and the fact that you re-enter the board once that is achieved. Another way to earn money with TVI Express is through residual income. Once you have cycled out the Express Board you become eligible to earn that income. Your start earning on level 1 is 5% and after that level the income grows to 10% without any level cap, ceiling or cutoffs.
TVI Express has no training page as far as we have seen. The fact that you do not need to sell anything seem to have led them to believe that there is no need for one. However they do support team leaders that take initiative to promote the company. If you are interested you can join the many regional meetings that they advertise on their site. They have even developed a searching tool that helps you find meetings near you. Sadly that tool was under construction at the date that this article was written, so we could not review its efficiency as yet.

Looking now at the information we have, it might seem that TVI express is merely a traveling club and that, if you don’t need to be selling anything, you don’t need any marketing plan either. In a less superficial approach however you might realize that the mere network you build is the direct source of profit you might have. You will never retail sell, indeed, but you will have to keep your referees active and traveling. A door-to-door approach or a tell-your-friends-and-family one, even if they might help up to some point, will most certainly limit your perspectives and keep you from improving your income if not even lead you to severe loss. It is very important to be able to market, balance and activate your network, so it is very important to learn the most efficient methods to do so. Most of them can be found by clicking this link and getting instructed by the best and along with the best people in the field.

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