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Revolucion World Wide – Can it be as revolutionary as it sounds?

What can be more appealing to the contemporary middle class man than to be professionally active while managing to stay fit and healthy at the same time? This idea only can make wonders for Revolucion World Wide, if they are able to take care of all the other prerequisites needed for a MLM company to flourish. And this is because they have chosen to deal in an already established market, that of the healthy food supplements and energy drinks. This niche in the market, while already occupied by a vast number of companies, nevertheless can have room for one more, provided that this one can come up with a new concept or idea. If we are to believe what this company claims, they are offering the most nutritionally pure products on the market, and this is no trifling matter. In conclusion, all they have to do to become lucrative is to deliver what they are advertising.

Revolucion World Wide is based in Tempe, Arizona, and has had its launch on the 17th of December, 2009. With a carefully designed logo and webpage, they give the impression of a professional and serious attitude, but of an equal concern for their distributors’ health and wealth at the same time.

Their management team comprises of Derek Broes, co-founder and CEO of the company, Peter Lupus, co-founder and Chairman, Peter Lupus III, co-founder and company President, and Linda Swenson, holding the position of COO. Derek Broes is the former Senior Vice President of Worldwide Business Development at Paramount Pictures, and that alone can account for whatever experience he needs in order to run a MLM company. Peter Lupus is a well respected figure in the health and fitness industry, being the most suited to represent the company’s image, in our opinion. Peter Lupus III has an extensive background in international expansion of some very well known companies in the US, and has even owned two companies serving government agencies such as NASA. Linda Swenson adds her 35 year financial and operational experience to the management team’s overall strength and efficiency.

Revolucion World Wide is marketing two products, consisting of two healthy beverages named Revolucion Start and Revolucion Defense. The first of their products is an energizing drink containing the usual plethora of fruit and botanical extracts, like green tea extract, pomegranate juice, or Stevia extract. Revolucion Defense, as the name suggests, is a healthy drink designed specifically to improve the natural defenses of the human body. It accomplishes this with the aid of a carefully blended recipe of antioxidant rich extracts from fruits and plants. We are happy to see that this company does not employ the use of synthetic formulas, for a change, and this fact can add to their credibility in the perception of their possible clients. Another good thing about the displaying of their products on the website is that it does not try to confuse the reader with complex chemical formulas and other such scientific terms, but it only shows the main components and effects of the product, and if the customer is interested in finding out more he can access a product brochure which explains the same things in more detail.

The company employs a 3×9 Matrix compensation plan, but offers a host of bonuses to that. Bonuses include: Fast Start Bonus, Leadership Bonus on top of the usual Retail profits, but they are offering Global Profit Sharing Pools and even Advertising Pools. These are all very good incentives for their possible distributors, and there is no sign that the company has overlooked anything up until this level. Let us further analyze their training:

While Revolucion World Wide does not hint to offering any training on their official webpage, we are sure that no serious entrepreneur would rely only on the company to provide education and information on the topic of online marketing. However extensive that information would be, one is never too interested and too up-to-date with the latest trends in this specific field, as it is an ever growing and expanding one. A true network marketing entrepreneur is continuously learning marketing techniques and approaches, and does not apply them on a single type of business, but rather on all kinds of products and companies. So, if you want to be successful with Revolucion World Wide, or with any other MLM company for that matter, you should start gathering knowledge on this subject. And what better way to do that than by visiting this webpage?

Oana Soare
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