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Forever Young And wealthy?

Aging is the only problem we cannot fight against, or at least this is what we believe. Try a search and you will most certainly find more than enough material on how to make your life longer. It seems that the bigger our life expectancy is, the greater our wish to live forever becomes. Regeneration USA tries to cover the general wish of everlasting youth with their products.

The company has had its launch in 2009 and it is headquartered in New Jersey. The representative figures of this company are not apparently, the MLM prodigies we are accustomed to find on the front page of any MLM company presentation site. Instead, we can see the Founder, the incredibly young Justin B. Chernalis who had an idea of providing an on-the-go anti-aging nutritional bar instead of the morning drink available at the time. His powerful backups on this enterprise are two doctors with good portfolios, one of them being a certified Dermatologist, Jeffrey A Rapaport, MD and the other one a plastic surgeon with good health, beauty and nutritional certifications.  This might throw a shadow upon the business itself, but enhances the credibility of the products it is selling.

The products we are talking about are the nutritional bars originally sold by the company (Anti-Aging Whole Food bars) which contain anti-oxidants in an amount double than the one recommended for daily intake. Also, the company sells the Tea of Life (Jiaogulan tea) and RAM500 – cellular anti-aging tablets containing selected plant extracts. ON their site, Regeneration USA announce that they will also open a line of skin care products. Needless to say that the concept they are going on, namely prolonging the youth, catches on most probably with people who start their middle age crisis and also with the elderly – providing them the ailment they need and the hope to succeed as MLM associates. But what are their actual opportunities?

The compensation plan we are looking at is made on a binary (two-legged) structure (having a  10% bonus on the lesser leg), with 6 available positions (up to Diamond) and 6 ways of being paid: Fast Start Bonuses ( Paid Monthly) , Team Commissions  (Paid Weekly),  Executive Matching Commissions (Paid Weekly) , Builder Bonus Commissions (Paid Weekly)  and  Profit Sharing Commissions (paid Monthly).  This is the simplest compensation plan they could get at this time, but to actually make it work, you will need training and information, which the company does not actually provide.

Truth being said, we are already accustomed to not having any reference to training or any form of educating the new customers in matters as online marketing, leadership and business planning. However, the fact that this happens with Regeneration USA is a sad thing, as they have very credible products and have even focused apparently on raising their credibility. But what is the new marketer to do inside this company? How are you to get the best of a MLM company as long as they don’t seem to have any strategy whatsoever? You know well at this time and age that harassing your friends and family to buy the product might work, but won’t help you actually make a living, let alone make real money with your home business. The only chance you have is to get informed and stay informed. Check this link to see the few initial steps you can take to avoid failure. Go further, expand your search, learn and you will be able to build your success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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