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Network marketing in the rain – the good and the bad parts

The company we are reviewing today has, in our opinion, very good prospects and a quite nice concept. There is, however, a major drawback here, the fact they are relying on the traditional approach to marketing. Let us see together the details of this story.

The company has been released in May 2009 and is headquartered in Highland Utah. The management Team is comprised of Toby Norton, President, Chad Christofferson, CEO,  Bart Brockbank, COO and Kyle J. Copeland, CFO. We looked on the company site for bios in order to understand what were their reasons for picking this management team and what they believe makes them proficient.  All we got, however, were some personal quotes. It looks like they do not want to brag with their executives’ backgrounds, but rather with their current involvement and activity inside Rain Nutrition. We might as well think they try to base their prestige upon the actual products and the compensation plan. So, let us have a quick look.

Rain Nutrition markets five products, three of them being healthy drinks. Their flagship product is Rain Soul, which is a beverage that is rich in anti-oxidants and fatty acids from Black Raspberry, Black Cumin, Chardonnay Grape, and D-Ribose. Second on the list come  Rain Rush and Rain Storm. These two are healthy energy drink made of the same ingredients as Soul (with some variations), but with the addition of minerals and vitamins. The difference between these two is that the first one is for day by day use and the second one is designed for people that are involved in physical activities.

The fourth product coming from RN is a pro-biotic pill that is embedded with the patented BIO-tract® technology. Rain Pure contains cranberry seed flour that helps your bacteria flora. On their websites they recommend the usage of Rain Pure with Rain Soul, to obtain the perfect combination of antioxidants, important omegas and good flora. All of these four products are made using cold press process, method that preserves nutrients from the oils and flours.

The fifth product is called Free-Radical Urine Test Kit. Using this kit helps you measure your free-radical levels and by doing so assessing your need for antioxidants and adjusting your diet accordingly.

Rain Nutrition apparently has a widely spread market for their products. They target almost all the types of working people, especially the most active, who also tend to be affected by digestive problems caused and/or seconded by stress.

The compensation Plan Rain Nutrition deals with is based upon a binary (2-legged) structure with 10 ranks available (within four categories: Builder, Executive, Elite and Rain). They have combined this with a unilevel structure, in which your first row contains your personal enrolments who got to the rank of Director or higher. In case your personally sponsored members did not get such a rank, their own sponsored members who did will automatically get in your first line.  This solves an old network problem which, roughly put, would sound like this: If you have enrolled or been enrolled by the wrong person, your business is doomed. In this context, you can choose to sponsor a good human resources specialist even if he or she will not have much other activity: you can be sure that you will be rewarded forr your choice by the activity of his marketers who get in your first row.

It is a well-known fact that 98% of the people who join the MLM business fail to actually make money out of it. When we are talking about companies who try to sell ridiculous products using counter-productive compensation plans, we know for sure why. But what happens to Rain Nutrition marketers? Their products are very credible, their compensation plan is nicely built, why do we still see so many RN marketers struggling like everybody else? Well, to answer this question we might take a look at some of  the principles their marketing education is based upon.

Even though these guys do have some good motivational principles in their training, the actual tools they use and teach their marketers to use are flawed.

First, they advise you to expand your warm Market. To be honest, we don’t believe the “warm” market has ever really worked in order to build a profitable MLM business, and if it has, it certainly is out-of-date now. Your family and friends are by no means real marketers who will gain profits from investing in your business. Also, decent people don’t warm up relationships just to make a dollar or two by ruining them, do they?

Your other option is to invite people to opportunity meetings and throw more or less expensive party to have the chance to explain them how successful your business is. What you will get, in both cases, will be a bunch of bored friends and friends of friends who will decide they will never want to see you again. And a few bucks, maybe, but not enough to cover your expenses.

What might actually work, however, if you decide to use the good resources RAIN Nutrition has to offer is to get and provide good marketing training yourself. Get the information from the best, switch your strategies to online marketing and create your network using up-to-date methods. This type of marketing is still in its pioneering phase, but you can go for the best strategies available now by clicking here.  Keep updated, follow up your online marketing training as it develop and build your business successfully.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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