Pyxism – Following your moral compass to wealth and prosperity

Or at least this is what the name of this company suggests. And from a first glance they seem to have it right. After all, who wouldn’t like to work in the tourism segment making money while also having the opportunity to travel a lot, to get discounts and special offers? This would turn your average home based business into a very enjoyable activity, as opposed to the ordeal of having to market some products for whom the seller feels little or no interest. On top of that, the opportunity is even greater as the market is not yet flooded with this type of network companies, as it is with, let’s say, cosmetics or healthy beverages. In conclusion, what we can gather from this is that Pyxism has the chances to be successful, but let’s see if they also have the means to become thus.

Based in San Clemente, California, the company has had its launch in 2009. Its name derives from the first part of the Latin term for the navigational compass, Pyxis Nautica, which is a widespread symbol for travelling. On their website there is a picture of a compass with the red marker pointer towards an area which says Success, suggesting an invitation to follow one’s moral compass.

The company’s founder, Lloyd Wilson, makes up the whole management team of Pyxism. He undoubtedly has the background and experience required to run such a venture. He grew up as an outstanding record breaking athlete, but chose to major in business over a professional career in baseball. His whole business experience stretches over more than 35 years, working as branch manager, sales manager and founding one of the first specialized Value Added Resellers for a technology manufacturer in the voicemail industry. With such extensive and relevant experience there is no doubt that the lack of other members of the management team will not diminish Pyxism’s credibility in the eyes of its customers.

Now let’s take a look at the products marketed by Pyxism. They sell what basically are called tourism packages, or vacation travel products. The client can choose from various destinations all over the world, for different numbers of persons or periods of time. They also offer what they call Dream Vacations for their associates, and also mini dream vacation for quick weekend getaways.

The market for these products is huge, but it is already occupied by the traditional tourism agencies. The advantage of network marketing is that it provides a different type of contact with the client, having more chances to succeed than the classic approach of just advertising. So, in order to become lucrative Pyxism has to recruit talented marketers, and train them well. Otherwise this good concept and daring venture can all end up forgotten and profitless.

The first impression that the presentation of the comp plan gives us is of excessive stress on profit, while minimizing risks and the amount of spent money. But let’s further analyze their commission structure. Pyxism employs a slightly altered 2 by 2 matrix for their compensation plan, which has allegedly the “Truest Follow-Me” comp plan structure. This means that you need only an initial purchase and to refer only two people in order to qualify for commissions. And you get paid even with as few as 6 people in your matrix. They also offer a number of bonuses as an incentive for sceptical distributors. Although this approach really helps and enhances teamwork, it will never be enough to turn you into a successful entrepreneur.

As for training, there is none to be found on their website. They only offer brief product descriptions for their tourism packages. It seems that anyone who wants to join Pyxism has to be already familiar with the multi level marketing techniques and approaches. But what is a new marketer to do in this situation? Does he have to give up the idea of joining Pyxism, just because they don’t offer proper training? Educating oneself in MLM techniques is not such an odd practice, as many people do it. And if you want to join Pyxism, but don’t have the required knowledge, just click this link. You will find not only specific information on Pyxism, but general ideas on network marketing techniques and approaches, and you will be able to learn and apply them to your advantage, finding your own path to success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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