Pur3x – clubbing into business.

The MLM business is packed with healthy and health-inducing products. How can you make a difference when you have the same concern and ingredients as many other products available. Some companies have  found an interesting answer to this question: take one of the most un-healthy type of  product available on the traditional market and turn it into a health-inducing one.  This is how the healthy energy drink appeared. One of the companies who is now producing and selling such a beverage is Pur3x.

The company, based in Salt Lake City, had a ‘soft launch’ on September 18th, 2009 and Grand opening is January 2010. This allowed them to enroll their customers and distributors in a system that bears the name and general attitude of a “club” rather than a team or  business, even though they do have a generally straightforward compensation plan and solid network structure.

The management Team is  composed of Andrew Rinehart, CEO and founder of the company,
Rick Hagar & Larry Lantieri, Master Distributors and Steve Rinehart, Esquire, Legal Counsel of the company.   Rick Hagar has been a Network Marketing Entrepreneur for 18 years, and has activated as a  trainer in MLM. Larry Lantieri started his MLM experience in 1992 and has had remarkable results and high rankings within the companies he has worked with. He activated as a  Director of Field Development & national sales trainer for a $800 million dollar network marketing company from 2005 to 2008.

The product is an Energy drink (among its main components: Acai Berry, Chokeberry, Blueberry, Pomegranate, Fucodian, only few calories and sugar). The drink comes in 2 major alternatives: Pure Renew – a carbonated  energy drink with vitamins and minerals added to it, Pure Revolution – their newly released energy drink with no caffeine.  Some sources also announce a third product that is to be released in March and would be a sexual enhancement beverage. This announced beverage sounds as an interesting hit to the market, but we will still have to see.  As for the other two products Pur3x offer, we are surely looking at a good market for an energy boost that gives you the nutritional supplements you need too. However, there is strong competition available, and we are talking about MLM marketing companies that sell similar products, not about traditional ones.

The compensation plan Pur3x deals by is quite straightforward, though it sounds a bit unrealistic. They use a 3×12 matrix (each representative sponsors 3 others on his first line, and his downline has 12 levels). The seemingly unrealistic part is that the sponsor gets bonuses for each package sold by representatives down to the 12th line of his matrix.

Apart from the Distributors’ club (the Pure Energy Club) there is a Preferred Customer Club, which consists of the regular customers who buy one or more packages of 48 drinks monthly, without wishing to also become distributors.  According to how big your own matrix is (you first switch category after 120 customers and distributors and you switch again after getting to 1,375 enrollments in your matrix), you can fall under one of the three categories available and your bonuses will also increase.  Theoretically, this is how it should work.   But to put this plan into practice you need strong marketing training and also good abilities to train and mentor your own distributors. Pur3x themselves strongly emphasize the need to get informed and able to train others if you want to succeed with their company. So let us see what tools they offer themselves to that respect.

The training Pur3x offers consists mainly of a set of presentations you will have to master and give yourself afterwards to your own trainees. However, this is one of the few companies which have an independent site built only for training purposes.  However, the site seems to be quite new and the informative documents are still short, few, and seem to be merely overviews of the subjects available. They have, however, a live chat where operators can answer your questions, a community forum (not very active as yet, though), profiles on social and professional network sites so on so forth.

On an overall view, this company might have a lot to offer both in terms of product and compensation plan. This however is only the case with the highly motivated individuals who are ready to make the best of their MLM experience. Those are the ones who focus on new ways of marketing and, we would say most importantly, online marketing. You can actually build your business and make money, or be among the many that work for others and eventually turn bankrupt. Start instructing yourself now by accessing this site and learning the ropes to building a successful team inside Pur3x.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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  • Great Review Ket-Sang! Great research. Did you know Pur3x is coming out with a new drink, (in fact, they are releasing 9 new drinks this year!), called Pur Passion? It is a libido boosting drink, and it tastes great! I recently had a sample of it. It will be launching at the end of February or early March. This is going to be huge! Maybe I can ship you a sample?!

    Best wishes,

    Michael Elam

  • Great Review. Pur3x now has 3 drinks on the market, with a 4th due around aug-sep. The compensation plan has been increased twice now. They offer a Back office autoresponder through Pure Success Systems. The also regularly have training classes with leaders in the company who are all very accessible. so far I have enjoyed being in business with them.