The all-purposes pearl calcium powder and the one-woman-generated company who sells it.

The success of a MLM company may be brought on by multiple factors. You might get a breakthrough product selling on a good market, re-invent a common need and apply a good marketing strategy or simply have a great idea and add  a bit of your own personality in order to sell it. Pearlcium International is placed somewhere between all these options and, we believe, maintains that equilibrium with a very feminine touch of grace.

The company is based in Ka’au, Hawaii, and has held its first convention in September 2009. There is little or no information available officially regarding the rest of the management team. However, the founder and CEO of the company, Dr Rulin Xiu has the background and credibility that make her the best image possible the company might wish to have. Native of Xian, China, Dr. Rulin Xiu is a graduate of UC Berkeley, where she was awarded her doctoral degree in physics in 1994. She founded Pharm East, Inc. in Washington DC, then Pharm China, which was managed by her family in China.  She continued by founding, in 2002, of Pharm East Hawaii. After an year and a half the latter company had already established itself as a great producer of Noni. With such good entrepreneurial background, all Dr Rulin needed in order to have a credible company was a credible product. So let us take a look.

The product Pearlcium is selling is a pearl-extract calcium powder with multiple uses. According to Dr Rulin, she has developed a method of extracting the pearl-calcium that helps the absorption in the body. The powder comes by capsules that can be swallowed as such, but according to the company site you can also use it as make-up, mix it with moisturizers and creams, whiten your teeth with it etc.. The product and its possible uses have not been approved yet by the Food and Drug Administration, so we are not sure if the claims Dr Rulin is making upon it are entitled or not.  However, given the fact that many people (mostly women) suffer from lack of calcium, using such an appealing story in order to sell a calcium-based product might just do the trick. Also, the calcium powder Perlcium is selling is supposed to solve the main problem here, which is assimilation of the calcium. According to the founder, her technique of extracting it from the pearls will do the trick.  The product is by all means useful so making it the foundation of a MLM-based company can be entirely justified, as long as you have a good marketing strategy.
The compensation plan Pearlcium uses  is based upon a 3×9 forced matrix that pays 6 % on each level, to which 60 % matching bonus has been added, as overrides of anyone personally sponsored per month. This is doubled by a unilevel structure that pays by sponsorship and a fast start bonus that can reach 70 % and goes down through 4 levels.

Were we to draw a conclusion now, we would say that this company looks like a one-woman band: founded, carefully branded and relying on the research of Dr Rulin. When we tried to look for any training available we found a monthly Conference call held, of course, by the prestigious doctor who talks about the product and company news. This is, unfortunately, a poor start for your business. If you have some experience in MLM you might try and use the strategies you have already learned, but they might just be inappropriate for this particular company. If, on the other hand, you are just starting as a MLM entrepreneur, it gets even more disastrous, because the only guidance you get is that of your enroller.

We believe that this is the good time to stop using inappropriate marketing strategies that never led you or the ones you know to any result. Also, teaching yourself the ropes of the business while investing all your money in that endeavor – this might lead to sheer disaster.  Stop investing for a moment, take some time, educate yourself, get the latest info regarding marketing and on-line marketing strategies. Start with this page, grow your own tree of knowledge and then climb it up to get to success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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