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Numismatics into MLM: does that actually work?

It’s common knowledge that if you have only one company selling one product, you have a very good chance of getting the most efficient and reliable business there is.  Some people say that Numis is not the first company to try selling Gold and Silver collector’s coins within MLM and that others failed. We don’t argue with that, we have no evidence provided to sustain such claims but we don’t have evidence to prove the opposite either. However, our only concern is the company at hand its structure and the way you, the reader,  might benefit from it were you to decide to enroll.  So let us have a look.

As we said, some people say that they have seen themselves many such companies losing the MLM battle.The company and its marketers profess that Numis is the very first company to ever deal with Golden and Silver collector’s coins. No matter what the truth is, they seem to be set to make it, and they get their best at that, as we will see, even though their drawbacks are big because of the mere product they sell.

They have  partnered with Mike Mezack, one of the most known and appreciated Numismatics traditional seller. Right now, Mike Mezack is their image, giving a bit of credibility to the company and, most probably, a lot of guidance and expertise. But what exactly do Numis sell? Let us have a quick look.

The product Numis sell is not actually something the company can produce, but rather collect and resell. The Gold and Silver coins this company is dealing with are genuine, collector’s coins. You cannot alter , modify, improve or sell anything that is better than a Gold or Silver coin, as each of it has its own ranking on the market. Actually, you don’t even sell the Gold or Silver, although these metals may be appealing to many Numis customers. You actually sell the numismatic value of the coin; the metal only enhances this value. Even the price you will get for them in retail cannot be substantially alterable:  along with the ranking on the market, the coins come with a generally accepted price. So if you think to buy cheap and sell on a higher price within Numis, you might have to wonder if you have chosen the right company.

Talking about the market, this one is also already set, in the most part of it: the numismatics enthusiasts are more or less the same, no matter how much you would try to convince new people into it. The good part however is that they also know everybody else who is a coin lover, so your network can boost  as soon as you form it. Also, you will have no real competition to your product: if you get a specific collector’s coin, no one will be able to claim their coin is better or more effective.

The compensation plan is as simple as it gets:  a two-legged structure, or a binary.  On the good side, you will be able to recruit people easily based on the mere fact that everybody else is doing it and thus, if they enroll with you they can have everybody else in their team.  Many people who are familiar with MLM have already built up a 2-legged structure and are familiar with the process. They, however, are also familiar with the downsides of this type of structure:  in order to have a valid lesser leg and actually earn money from it, you will have to work your…nose off. That happens even if you have a 40.000 enrolls in your downline.  To actually balance your binary and make money, it takes more than that.

Of course, with Numis you can always hope to qualify for alternative payouts they offer.  Mostly known is the “coded bonus”. This bonus does not come from sales however, but from bringing in new enrolls and getting a percent of their entrance fees.  Easy to tell, this means that as soon as you stop head-hunting, you will get close to nothing from all your hard work.

We usually talk here about the training the company offers.  You will find an extended numismatic library  on Numis’ site (they give an online presentation for every collector’s coin they have for sale). After viewing those, you can be sure that you will not be blown apart by the mere question of your customer:  “ so…what are you actually selling there?”  . However, you have no tip on how to generate leads, market your offer or on how to build the team.

This leads us to our conclusion on Numis Network. Be it the first or the only surviving numismatic MLM company available now, either way we are still looking at the best experience you can have by combining your MLM ambitions and your numismatic passion. However, starting your MLM business without  any clue on how to build your team, and moreover, with no clue on the specific requirements of Numis and their network is no way to make money. Check this link in order to get the information you need. Irrespective of your final decision regarding Numis, get informed and act accordingly.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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