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On the list of healthcare products that are being sold through direct marketing, skin care products are the most liable to be highly accepted. With a good product and branding, a company can make a real breakthrough in this niche. Apparently NuCerity strategy of growing is based on that philosophy: they release one skin care product at a time and carefully brand each of them. Theoretically speaking, they have every chance of being prosperous. Let us see how that turns out in reality.

The company was launched in Houston, Texas in May 2009. NuCERITY’s management team bring with them over 20 years of experience. Lonnie McKinney, founder and the president of the company, has spent the last 25 years in management, sales and distribution. David Dillingham’s (COO) professional career has focused on entrepreneurial ventures, while Richard Jaenicke, NuCERITY’s Chief Technology Officer, has been co-founding, funding and building technology and other growth companies. One impressive aspect about this company is that they have an actual medical advisory team, consisting of  Dave Powell and Anoop Chaturvedi.

NuCerity’s only product at this time has been suggestively called Skincerity®. They feature Skincerity’s Nightly Breathable Masque as being the only patented product with breathable-barrier technology. Skincerity is said to have the properties to rehydrate, rejuvenate and repair the skin, improves rough, sun-damaged complexions. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, reduces the appearance of large pores and diminishes facial redness. This looks like the good-for-all type of product new/small companies usually trade: they also advise that it can be used on face, hands, neck and chest.

Selling a good-for all purposes product like Skincerity has its ups and downs. Many middle-class women will buy it in order to diminish their skincare costs . Indeed why not  buy only one cream instead of  a hydration face cream for daily use, a cream for applying before you put your make-up on, a cream for the harmless Rosacea you inherited from your mother, a cream against the wrinkles that started showing, a cream to soften your hands so on so forth. However, the downside is that many women will question many of Skincerity’s effects and will prefer using more specialized products for their skincare. So, even though the market might be a good one, you still need an even better branding strategy in order to make real sales and real money inside this company. But let’s have a lok at the hep you might get from the comp plan and the training.

With NuCERITY’s compensation plan there are several ways of getting profits and bonuses, but first of all you have to become a NuCERITY Distributor. Along with that you will receive an Independent Distributor Website, from which you can order products at wholesale prices. So, the first way of making profits is retail profit. Another way to earn commissions is by sponsoring a Preferred Customer. A Preferred Customer is a customer that buys Skincerity every month, therefore getting you a Preferred Customer commission and personal volume (PV). You can also get bonuses for first order or for bulk orders.

NuCERITY International has a very nicely built training program. This program is structured on 7 steps, starting from step one, the motivation (“Find your WHY?”) and ending with step 7, called “Never Quit!”. For this purpose NuCERITY has created a new webpage called NuCERITY University. On every step the company offers downloadable forms you can use to lay out your motivation, your goals and help organize your work. The company has also translated their training page in many languages making it accessible for people that want to start a business with them. However, besides the (very important) motivational and presentational aspect of these programs, you have little or no help available to compensate for the downsides of the product or even learn how to create your MLM business within the company.

Due to their experienced management team, a product that is well back-up by a certified dermatologist and an expert on anti-aging and age management medicine NuCERITY might be successful in their skin care niche. It is only up to you if that success implies your business within the company or not.

Apparently, they also leave it up to you to find a good and successful solution for implementing that business. Why not start with the best there is, meaning online networking strategies? Why not avoid the useless trouble and toil of harassing your warm market in order to only get some new customers but no real marketers in your team?  Check out this presentation on NuCerity marketing strategies and find why most of the people you know did not succeed in MLM business. Get the grip of what really makes the difference between starting a dead-end business with NuCerity and succeeding along with them.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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