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Jusuru: a competition-driven company where only the best succeed.

Of all the needs and desires of mankind, deterring aging and stress from actually affecting our lifestyle and appearance is one of the most commonly held.  Most of us tend  to invest time, attention and money in order to attain that objective,  so many of the fast-growing, effective businesses and, implicitly, researches tend to focus on this subject.  One of the many MLM companies based on a presumably breakthrough discovery in that domain is Jusuru. We will not discuss in this review the actual effects of  the product they sell, however, but we will analyze it strictly from a business opportunity point of view.

The company, as well as the developer of the main ingredient of the product ( BioCell Collagen II) , are headquartered in Anaheim, California.  The President of Jusuru, Asma Ishaq, is also Vice president of Marketing for the product’s developing company, Biocell Technology LLC. She is quoted on the site to say that the company has no actual high representatives because they are represented by the whole team. Without highly-ranked  names and personal brands, the first thing that comes to mind is that they should have a very appealing product and/or motivating compensation plan in order to get their customers.  So, let’s see.

The product itself is a beverage (Jusuru) that works as a nutritional supplement. One of the  most important components is seemingly the BioCell Collagen II , its role being to maintain joint and skin health. The second should be Resveratrol , the compound that is to be found in red grapes.  Many people associate red wine with one of the healthiest beverages available, thus the importance attached to the latter ingredient.

The compensation plan is based upon a Unilevel Plan to which the company has added some particularities that encourage (and of course reward) your level of Activity. A member is called Active when  he/she maintains at least $140 Personal Volume ( “The total Qualifying Volume of a single IR from orders personally placed and from orders placed from their direct customers.”).  For example, there is a Fast Start Bonus available, so if a person you recruited to the company places his/her first order within the first 60 days with the company, you will get a 20% of that order, while your sponsor and his sponsor will both get 10% .  This type of compensation plan gives a lot of space for competition both in your frontline (amongst people sponsored by the same person as you are) and in terms of recruitment (as having the best collaborators will give you the best benefits).  The classic “involve and spam your friends and family and see where you get” approach will not do in this case, unfortunately.

The training Jusuru offers is well-structured (online, downloadable library, conferences and meetings).  We are looking at one of the companies that take a beginner’s education seriously and offer both Jusuru – related information and general Network marketing training.  However, no one will ever find the key to success in mainstream education, irrespective of the domain he is training in.  Researching by yourself and finding alternative methods of approach in such a competition-based company is the only way to win as a distributor.

To sum up, Jusuru offers what seems to be a good  environment for developing a home business.  You can become the best  as long as you value challenge, competition and you are eager to learn, build and implement  new, creative strategies.  Again, the well-known method of harassing your social and family network for them to buy the product may give you some help, but it will certainly not be enough.  Using this old strategy becomes ridiculous when you have access to the endless pool of customers and possibilities that is Internet.  This is why Internet Marketing solutions are a must when you  start your MLM experience. By following  this link, you can make your first and most important step towards educating and re-defining yourself as a marketer in the Network Marketing  system.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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