How does 70’s door-to-door technique fit in the MLM business?

What do you do when a company like JuicePlus is recommended as MLM based and you realize it denies any connection with multilevel network marketing? How can you tell whether you can safely enroll and invest, if you will actually be able to manage your business within that company etc.?  Well, one of the easiest ways to find out is to join us while we check the main (and, to us, most important) aspects of the company’s offer.

The company is a division of National Safety Associates and it was launched in 1993 with its headquarter in Collierville, Tennessee. National Safety Associates is a network marketing company that was founded by Jay Martin in the ‘70s, their main product being home fire-protection equipment. Jay Martin was a school teacher that turned into an entrepreneur. Now he still is the president and CEO of NSA. Any information about the management team could not be found on their websites or on the internet.

The main product, Juice Plus+®, is a nutritional supplement made out of 17 fruits, vegetable and grains. Juice Plus comes in two blends: Juice Plus+® Garden Blend and Juice Plus+® Orchard Blend. Juice Plus+® was made to meet the need of consuming more fruits and vegetables, but it does not replace them. They also state on their website that Juice Plus is not a treatment or a cure for any disease or condition, but it improves the general health of the customer. Another product that Juice Plus is marketing is Juice Plus+® Chewables. They are made of the same ingredients, but instead of having the form of capsules as Juice Plus+ it is marketed in the form of jelly beans. Juice Plus+ Vineyard Blend® capsules made of Concord grapes and eight different berries that is a source of healthful antioxidants. Juice Plus also offers to their customers Juice Plus+ Complete® which is a drink that can be used as a breakfast, a quick snack, a pre-exercise energy drink or a post-workout recovery drink.

All of the Juice Plus products are made for every day usage and for people of any age. The Juice+ offer is part of a greater trend of healthcare products but with more attractive shapes to those products (chewable, snacks, capsules) and a potentially good market, all in all.  This brings us to their marketing strategies, on which we can have a quick look.

We haven’t found any compensation plan on their main website and they are saying that Juice Plus+® is not a MLM program. We beg to differ. Juice Plus has another site called “Juice Plus+® Personal Franchise” which states that they have, and we quote “flexible compensation plan”, though that plan is nowhere to be found. They also claim that they will free the distributor of the headache of administrating a back-office and they don’t encourage you to own your business. All of these statements are a bit contradictory with another section of their website which also states that they will give you a “Virtual Office” to help administrate your own business. This “Virtual Office” is a very similar concept to the back-office that other MLM companies offer.

On a positive note however, Juice+ seems to be planning to emphasize their training. At least we can say so taking after the fact that they have another website for training.  You can get some insights about the activity of a distributor. The training they promise is comprises of training and support materials, marketing programs and advice from experienced professionals. Unlike other companies, Juice Plus also holds training sessions in various locations.

All in all, we believe that, beyond their secretive network marketing structure and their not-so-absent-as-they-profess back office, Juice+ could be a good opportunity if considered carefully.  The risks you take in network marketing can be all the same, irrespective of the company you choose. The only way you can really avoid taking risks, is to carefully plan your business activities. The best strategy to make sure you will be a winner in this trade is to go for the best resource available at this moment: online marketing. Check this link for the best information you need in order to make your experience with juice+ a winner’s experience.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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