So what is really in this cup?

Most of us drink coffee to keep it up with the fast paced modern life style. Along with the big caffeine intake comes the flavor and that is just about everything that can be adjusted to make your cup of coffee the most suited there is for you. Javafit is trying to change that so they offer a new perspective upon the daily morning coffee: they make it useful.  Although (or maybe especially due to the fact that) it originates from a retail company, Javafit may be the next perspective in MLM. But does it have the necessary elements to provide that value?

The company was founded in 2003, in Florida, by Scott Pumper and Jose Antonio under the name of Javalution Coffee Company, JavaFit being their multi level marketing brand line. Scott Pumper worked on Wall Street for 10 years. He used this experience and started to consult several companies on how to raise capital and build strong management teams, until he decided to make his own. The co-Founder and Science Advisor, Jose Antonio is a research advocate in the field of performance nutrition and the developer of the JavaFit line of products.  After the recruitment of Dave Briskie as CEO, in early 2007, Javalution Coffee Company the company flourished and acquired, in November, 50% interest in roasted coffee. Dave Briskie, due to his 18 years experience in company acquisition, has also managed to gain in two years an 85% stake of CLR Roasters.
The products JavaFit are different types of coffee, each type for a different life style. Their line of products ranges from pure gourmet coffee (Original Roast), to immune-boosting coffee (Immune Plus Multi-Vitamins). They also market a kind of coffee designed for dietary purposes (Diet Plus 62), that is a high-energy and fat-burning coffee. For the people that are involved in physical activities JavaFit offers Energy Extreme 62, which increases fat oxidation and enhances exercise performance, with and extra boost of caffeine. Another product is Focus plus Multi-Vitamins, that help the drinker stay focused and fit. Under the “coming soon” title, JavaFit prepares a line of products that are called RTD’s (Ready To Drink) and are latte shakes with the same properties as their brewed coffee. The products in this line are Diet Plus Latte, Extreme Latte, Focus Latte and Immune Latte. Also coming soon is the Single Serve Coffee which is a brewed coffee pack for only one cup.

Unlike any other health related companies, JavaFit has the advantage of numbers. Over one hundred millions of people only in United States drink coffee, there for any coffee drinker that wants a little extra from his coffee is a possible customers.

There are four ways to earn money with JavaFit compensation plan: customer sales, fast start bonuses, binary bonus and leadership bonus. To be eligible to commissions you must become an Affiliate and to become that you have to pay a fee per year, which entitles you to an online retail store and a back office.

JavaFit has chosen a combination between a binary comp plan and a unilevel plan. Each plan is entitles you to different bonuses. For example if you structure your team in a unilevel way, you are entitled to Fast Start and Leadership bonuses.

They also have three levels of qualifications for commissions, based on the affiliates PV (Personal Volume). First level gives the affiliate a fast start bonus, second level adds a binary bonus and the third level sums the first two bonuses with a leadership.

JavaFit training is comprised of several videos about how to start your business, about the product and a written tutorial on how to use the back office. The training page is well structured and gives you some information on how to start earning revenues from them. The product training is an interview with the creator of JavaFit products, Jose Antonio, where he explains how the product was made and how it works.

Unlike other companies, JavaFit has a nicely built training page that gives you some basic knowledge about how to start, run and make profit. However, basic knowledge has never accounted for success. Even if you will choose to follow their guidelines, you will still need that certain something that makes the difference between the 3% who actually make a fortune and the…rest of them.  By following the link above you can see what that certain something is: nothing esoteric or mysterious however: it’s only the best online marketing training you can get.  Make your decisions right, then make your business plan and actual development by using up-to-date plans of marketing.

Oana Soare
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