When Internet goes MLM for real.

Who would have thought that websites we use for free daily, like Google, Facebook and Youtube,  can bring money not only to their developers but also to users like us? Well, Cameron Sharpe apparently did. This is how began what seems to be the first attempt to bring web-surfing in the MLM field. We will have to see if this is a profitable lot or not, but let us first analyze the details already at hand.

The company was launched in August 2009, in Austin by Cameron Barrett Sharpe and Stephen R. Smith, both of them having a vast experience in network marketing (they were involved in Excel Communications and made a lot of money out of it, too). Both of them have gathered a pretty impressive team, like: Rayner Smith (CEO), Tom Brown (CFO) and others. All of them have solid formal education and they are experienced in their area of expertise.

As far as we have seen, iJango ‘s product consists basically of  a customized portal. If you create an account on their website via a referral code, you can access that portal and, as they advise, you will be paid simply for using it to do your daily online activities. To enroll as an affiliate you will need to pay a one-time and fully refundable fee of $50. This rank allows access to basic back office and resources to start your business. The Director’s position fee consists of 149 dollars (paid once) and another monthly fee of $19.95 for back office maintenance.  Obviously, the market for what iJango has to offer is extremely large, making every one that uses internet a possible customer. Your customers, however, will be the ones you attract to your own iJango portal (unauthorized  customers) or those who will use your referral to access iJango (authorized Customers).

iJango’s compensation plan makes it possible for you to gain profits from the activity of your team on a 7 levels downline. To be eligible to revenues you’ll have to gather at least 20 active users. The commissions available fall into two categories: Usage Commissions and Qualified Director Commissions.

iJango gets  money from two different activities that your customers perform on your portal: shopping and simply generating traffic. Based on your ranking (which may be Independent Representative, Regional Direct, National Director, International Director) you get different usage commissions from iJango, and your matching bonuses will go all the 7 levels down.

As an Independent Representative you earn different commissions from the two types of customers: Registered and Unregistered.  A registered  customer is anyone that registers through your personal web portal, thus becoming your customer. All revenues that an unregistered customer makes by using your web portal and interacts with it will be credited to you.

On their main website iJango does not display any form of training, however they have another website on which they have some sort of guide lines on how you should start your business. The four E’s that any entrepreneur should know are: Engage your team (a good concept, only there is still little information on how to actually build that team), Educate your team about the web, Earn respect and results, Enroll  us virtually.

Besides these simple rules (generally usable and valid indeed), you can have access to a training about the “knowledge of the net”. We tended to believe this was the necessary online marketing training we were expecting. However the very continuation of the invite brought the usual disappointment: “We are excited to share the knowledge of the net with you and your family and friends.”. Apparently, iJango tries to sell a web-only service by using the usual “warm” market and totally ignoring the great possibilities and opportunities online marketing brings to the marketer.

The profits made daily by traditional market companies using these types of products are immense. This, along with the straightforward compensation plan, might  be a good argument to state that you have a very good chance of making money with iJango. However, what the company lacks amply is an online marketing training that can teach you how to attract to your portal and referral page the huge amount of users needed for that .You can get that information by simply clicking here and getting the information you need to get real profits from your iJango investment.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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