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Re-assuring when insurance policies are inefficient – is this a safe business?

Selling insurance policies is the classic dead-end job for the Average Joe who is struggling to make ends meet. Getting money from your expensive insurance company in order to repair your car – well, we know very well how that turns out. So here comes a company that is trying to turn both of these two experiences into a business opportunity by merely managing your money better than you would  and hiring you to get others sign in.  This is, roughly put, what IDA Marketing Services’ offer consists of.  We will have to see, however, whether or not this offer is actually feasible and nearly as profitable as the company claims it to be.

The company has been launched officially in September 2008, but their site has been registered in July 2004, so we can take it that the project might have been around for at least 6 years. Apart from Torry Webb (Founder Chairman and CEO ), the management team comprises a human resources specialist (Justin Brunson – Co-Founder and COO ), an accounting, financial services, and consulting specialist with management experience (McElroy – CFO ) and an information technology and project management specialist with over 19 years of experience (Robert Schmitt). Even though there is not much to say about the founder’s experience, he has sure been able to get valuable people to work with him, which can be a good recommendation both for himself and for the concept of the company he founded.

The product is targeted towards the big population of active people who usually depend on their car for most of their activities. Most of them would like to make sure they can pay for the repairs in case of accident, and the big majority know that the mere insurance does not cover that.

IDA is not selling anything that could be useful by itself. Instead, CDRP (Collision Deductible Reserve Plan) is a mere completion of the insurance programs already available on the traditional market. As the name itself states, the Collision Deductible Reserve Plan offers the possibility to make a reserve that would help the customers pay their deductibles in case of any car accident.  Once you joined the program, your goal is to establish a deductible of $1000 with your insurance company and be sure you can pay it, simply because you have deposited that money already.  The company gets an entry fee of $25 and an exit fee of $325, but does not invest the money. They apparently simply keep it safe.

So why would someone buy a service that merely makes him deposit the money he might need to fix his car?  Well, many of us would, mainly because of the fact that putting that sum together takes time for most of us, so until gathering it we won’t be able to pay a deductible of $1000 for our car.  IDA offers the possibility to save that money by raising the level of the deductible on the car insurance from the very beginning: if any accident might occur, the customer gets an advance up to $1000. He will have to pay back, it’s true, but with no interest added to that and at his own pace, while he does have a repaired car to go around with.

The compensation plan IDA uses (Customer Acquisition Bonus Plan, or CAB Plan) is part of their Integrated Wealth Plan, along with their Product Pay Plan.  You can join as an Associate (it will take 15 sales to become associate and you get no training besides the Business Staring Kit ) or as a Certified Associate  (you get certified after one sale and get the full training along with the Business Starting Kit) . Of course, the entry fee is almost 5 times higher)

After you become a Certified Associate, you will get a bonus for your first two enrollments and a different one for their two enrollments and so on, with virtually no limits to the levels going down. These bonuses will vary according to the position you will be holding in the hierarchy out of the 9 ranks. The ranks range from associate to National Managing Director.

The training you get for starting your business within the company is not disclosed anywhere. All we can know is that you will be paying for it almost $500. Of course , for tha price you will get the business kit and entry that cost $100 for anyone and the privilege of becoming Certified Associate after 1 sale instead of 15. If you are like me, you will probably want to buy only the starting kit, save the money and choose the best marketing training yourself. Better even, you will try to find the best on-line marketing strategies and education, just to make sure you will still have friends and family members that still come to visit instead of avoiding your continuous MLM harassment.

Sooner or later you will have to make not only the 15 sales you need to get Certified, but a whole team working for you, educated by you on how to sell and how to recruit. Click here to see how this task becomes a piece of cake, save the money and start building for success with the company of your choice, be it IDA or any other.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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