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my_harvest_americaOnline grocery shopping for a brighter future?

The future is, by all means, the best selling product ever created by man, even though a mere empty concept. In a time when on-line shopping is starting to develop and become a habit/ way of living, the buyers who are still adapting to it may still be thinking of it as of the “future” of shopping rather than as of its present. This is why My Harvest America call their on-line shopping system “The Grocery Store of the Future”.  There is no doubt that buying your groceries online is most probably going to be the fastest, cheapest way to shop very soon. But just how much development perspective does this company actually offer to their present customer?

The company was officially launched (or, to better put it, re-launched, under the new name and modified concept) on 22nd of December 2009. We are looking at nearly the same mid 90’s direct selling system for groceries, only instead of a printed catalogue you will be using an online one. Due to the change, your selling strategy for the new company should also be based upon online marketing techniques rather than the old “tell all your friends and neighbors” approach.  Unfortunately, even though they upgraded many of their features and systems (e.g. the computer-generated matrix, the replicated website they will host for you, the administrative back office and on-line connection techniques), the company still doesn’t seem to have made a significant progress in terms of real online marketing policy and training.

The company’s management team is composed of the two co-founders, Fred Weih (at present CEO of the company) and Ron Ellis (who now is its president), both having an outstanding experience in selling and marketing .  My Harvest America site also includes their Attorney At Law Joe R. Glenn in their leading team.

The products offered by My Harvest America are more or less known and used  brands of your day-to-day non-perishable which you can buy online on a lower price and have sent at home through direct delivery.  Fred Weih’ s attempt to sell groceries using direct selling has always been unique . This is why My Harvest America has the opportunity of owning a niche on the market, without much competition available at the moment.

As for the need for such a system, the opinions here may vary.  Saving on gasoline, getting a somewhat better price and reducing the shopping time sounds, of course, appealing to most of us. However, we normally use a lot of perishable grocery products also (like fresh meat and vegetables, for example) so we will have to go buy them anyway. Also, the delivery time might be an issue with only few shipping stores available at the moment, not to mention that having to choose from a limited list of brands for each product might get a bit annoying.  However, when you register over 1.000 users on your first day as a business you probably don’t need to prove you have a good market anymore.  My Harvest America certainly does not.

The compensation plan My Harvest America offers is based upon a 3×8 matrix, with 8 levels and 3 representatives each sponsor may place on his first level.  There are two types of membership, Shopper and Super Shopper, each with its own monthly fee and bonuses.  Both types of members, may get a percent bonus on each rep plus a matching percent bonus on their reps’ reps down to the fifth level.  The difference is that a shopper will have that percentage set to 10, while a super shopper will have it set to 20. Winning in this system is, of course, a matter of building the best team possible and finding the best methods to keep it working and productive along the way.  But do MHA actually offer the education you need for that?

The training section on My Harvest America site is nowhere to be found,  as is usually the case with many brand new MLM companies’ sites.  Looking at their library, we will only find a brief My Harvest America Advertising Guideline, which focuses mostly on what a HVA marketer should not do when advertising in order not to interfere with the image of the company.  You can also download My Harvest America Grocery Q & A document and that’s just about it. The active support HVA offer to their marketers narrows down to the National conference calls they organize, encouraging everyone to “bring  a guest”.  Looking at the matter, it seems that  if you want to join MHA and be successful, you will have to  work on your own online marketing education and also train your team yourself.  Researching and finding the best strategies will be almost entirely your responsibility.

All being said, My Harvest America looks like a boosting company going for an old and tested concept, but not yet having convincing Online Marketing facilities and insight. It may seem that the first to enroll in a starting business like this are also the biggest winners. But the true key to success is not necessarily choosing the right time to enroll, but what marketing technique you implement when you start you business.  To get the tips and advice you need on this company so you can make real money if you choose to start your business with them, check this page.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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