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Golden Moor – healing through mud?

Even though it may seem ridiculous to many, the idea of health-inducing mud is not new. Many cosmetic lines, even traditional ones already use specific types of mud for their skin care products and some pharmaceutic companies prepare food supplements out of it.  So Golden Moor is coming with a not-so-new idea in MLM. However, selling something you produce with such low costs and building a strong MLM network out of it is a daring thing to do. What are the chances Golden Moor has to succeed with this? We will see as follows.

The company was founded in 1987 by Marc Saint-Onge. After analyzing 63 bogs Marc Saint-Onge found a bog in Casselman (Ontario, Canada), where Golden Moor is now headquartered. He has a contract for extraction rights that extends over a 25 years period. Marc Saint-Onge is an orthotherapist that started this business by mixing the ingredients for his moor using a washing machine. The management team faced a bit of a facelift lately, by adding two new members: Scott Reese (VP Network Marketing Division) and Charles Mui (VP Affiliate Program Division), both of them having a wide experience in this business. On Golden Moor’s website there is a reference about the number of staff members. Their 18 staff members work to export their product in 17 countries among which are Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Golden Moor have a wide range of products most of them being based on the therapeutic ingredients of the bog. Their products fall into several categories like: mud baths, mud wraps, mud facials, physio-active creams, hydra-moor creams, body scrubs, foot soaks. They also market a feet massage tub called Ion Detox Therapy. This special tub has a cleansing role, removing the toxins from your body. Their products are designed to have beneficial effects regarding various diseases and conditions like arthritis, fibromyalgia, injuries, hormones disorders and infertility, inflammations, skin conditions, pain, depression and stress disorders. They also have several beauty related products. Having a wide range of products only makes their possible market bigger. It is obvious that the targeted customers are people with the ailments and diseases that we have mentioned above, irrespective of their age.

We have scarce information about the compensation plan. The only way to have access to that is to become a member or a reseller. Based on our research we have found out several things that might prove useful.  The joining fee varies depending on the package you have purchased. You will also get a cloned websites, back office support and some training materials. We have also found out that the compensation plan is based on a binary matrix where each reseller can build and organize two teams.

The training page is as nonexistent as the compensation plan, which leads us to think that all the training you will need to start a business with them will come from your sponsor. As we mentioned above, along with paying the entry fee you will receive some training materials. The downside of this strategy is that you are limited to the training knowledge you provide for yourself and the knowledge your sponsor have. You might be lucky and get a really experienced sponsor, but good businesses do not rely on luck.

Bottom line Golden Moor has a long history on the MLM market, which makes them trustworthy. But that is not enough. Not having a training page and being so opaque regarding their compensation plan might discourage many that are willing to join. If, after all that you have read above, you decide to join this company, you will need a proper training and you will need to educate yourself on what a MLM business really is and what do you need to do to succeed in this area. Clicking this link will give you insights on how to do that.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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