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The company that deals with Anything. How to deal with it?

When looking at the number of MLM businesses available, one can always wonder: “why isn’t there a company for all these products, so we shouldn’t have to choose anymore and duck the scams?”. Apparently, the founders of Global Verge realized this question comes to every mind, so they tried to create such a company themselves.  Even though it seems they did address a great public, we have yet to see if this is really the company we were expecting.

The company was created in 2008 and as of June 2009 had enrolled over 30,000 people. Sounds like a good start, even though we can put that on the mere concept of the company (roughly put: providing for the consumer’s every need) and not necessarily on the actual benefits they bring to their customers. Another possible reason for the well-being of the company  is usually and might be here the management team.

The company was founded by Ted Robbins and  Mark Petschel. The latter  is nowadays the CEO of the company, while Ted Robbins got to be its president, after 20 years of MLM experience. over 30 years of Marketing and Sales experience. Mark Ryder, Executive Vice President , hasover 30 years of Marketing and Sales experience.He started in 1994 Fidelity Management Group and served as its President. FMG, a Marketing Agency specializing in financial services was responsible for all aspects of Marketing, Training Product Development and Advertising. His educational background consists of an A.A.S Degree in Communications and Broadcasting and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Organizational Management.

The product Global Verge is offering is actually a variety of services, ranging from ID recovery, video conferences, phone and mobile services and on-line stores  to  tourism and restaurants discounts.  As aforesaid, the company seems to want to ease their customers’ access to any service they might need, while also motivating them to expand the company.  What is actually hard to swallow is not the product itself however (they even have collaborations with WallMart and Dell for their on-line stores, which makes them more popular). The hard-to accept thing here is that such a gigantic project might actually work and be dealt with at a time. If there would be a thing that might stop this company from actually monopolizing the market, that’s the one.

The compensation plan Global Verge have implemented is called a “Flex Pay Plan” and has several options for enrollment, ranging from $14.95 per month to $99.95 per month. The new marketer will get his payments and bonuses according to what option he has chosen at the beginning.  The compensation plan is based upon a 3×9 matrix. The interesting fact about this plan is that the bonuses can also vary while you are going higher on the 9 ranks available. The easiest way to upgrade your rank is not to enroll more clients, but to help 1, 2 or 3 of your sponsored clients to upgrade themselves.  This is why we believe we can expect good teamwork and training sessions form more experienced (and highly ranked) members already in the company.

As for the training the company offers per se, we could not track any.  This is a big shame, given the fact that most of their activity is on-line and they are addressing to a public that has little knowledge of on-line marketing, dooming them to failure in their MLM venture.  It is only obvious that you cannot do much selling in your on-line IT  shop, for example, using the classic techniques and you cannot create a very impressive 3×9 matrix out of your friends and relatives. Check this page in order to fix this problem if you wish to apply for Global Verge. If you do not not feel interested in applying for Global Verge or you are already enrolled in it and dissapointed, check this page in order to see why you might have failed. Useless to verify – I am linking at the same page. Those who have already accessed it already know why. You will know too after checking it.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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