FDI International

After financial directions, there was telecom.

FDI is the (almost) new born son of an older, privately held corporation,  Financial Destinations. What destination did the new company receive? It seems it’s taking over the world of Telecommunications, network and equipment altogether. Well, at least this is what you might think when you read what they claim to be able to do with your communications experience.  Wether that destination and those claims are actually legit or not, that is something we will see together in the following review.

If we look at the company, we will have to talk first of Financial Destinations. It was founded in June 2003 and it is headquartered in Windham, New Hampshire. Its founder is Mr. William Andreoli who now stands for President and CEO of the company. Their goal was to eradicate financial illiteracy, so they provided training courses on financial and economical issues, mostly for people starting their home-based businesses throughout the world. However, for one reason or another, the part of the company that actually went international was the telecom-based one. Financial Destination International was founded on August 15th, 2009, after FD had been developing its own telecom network and facilities. This is how FDI was created.

So, as far as the product is concerned, FDI International do not sell education and training as Financial Destination did and some apparently believe FDI still do. They now sell their own technology (not bad) and a very good telecommunication network. They encourage their clients to talk over the same cell phone they use to connect their PC to Internet – at the same time. Also, for example, they claim to be able to make a good VoIP call even through a dial-up connection. Anybody who has tried this before knows why this is closer to a miracle than probably anything else in MLM business.

The market FDI has got is one very full of resources. Let’s put it that way: you are a company that does its best to bring in its network the entrepreneurial spirits of the future, FD. You help them with understanding and developing their business and so on. After your network is build (and also your brand), you add a telecommunication system to that network. The result tends to be a very good pool of users for your services, a reliable network of users already there. Adding more only depends now of the training you give to your new marketers and the compensation plan. You have word-of-mouth reliability you need. But how do you use it?

The compensation plan FDI telecom network is based upon consists of a two-field system. Instead of the spillover you might have counted upon in a binary system, you will have to balance your left and right field and apply a good leadership system. You are paid according to the points (new active users ) you get in each of your teams, after your fields have been balanced.

Of course, you might say these fields bear a striking resemblance to a two-legged comp plan. I would say the same (well, I just did, actually) only I would add that, on a close look, you might see that this system allows you a better management of your teams (you can have more team leaders that answer directly to you and you make your own arrangements within the network). Also, instead of the usual spillover (share of the company’s profits, as it were) you get a residual commission – a matching bonus for the activity of your first 4 levels downline.

It is quite obvious now that, without proper training, your business within FD International is already doomed, as the key of your business will certainly be building your team and maintaining both of your fields working and balanced. Looking at the company from an outsider’s perspective, the training the company gives is impossible to find. Now, we are sure that a company that had set for itself the goal of eradicating financial illiteracy would not have built a MLM telecom company with absolutely no training available. However, they don’t really seem proud of it, otherwise they wouldn’t hide it so deeply.

At any rate, even if the company offers a training to sell their breakthrough services or not, you still have to make a decision about joining them, and seek advice. Well, our best advice in this case would be:

  1. make sure the company you choose can cover its claims regarding the products and the compensation plan (the bonuses they offer) and, most importantly,
  2. make sure you get the best network marketing training you can find. Research, get educated, learn the best up-to-date strategies regarding online marketing.

Following the first rule will save you from bankruptcy. Following the second rule, however, will make you actually earn money and be a prosperous entrepreneur. Check this link in order to have a great start in real MLM marketing education, build your team and, mostly, start building your success as a professional.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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