Quinifinity plan in an almost infinite pool of health beverages: might this actually work?

We’re in the wonderful era of health beverages, healthy food obsessions and extremely complicated and expensive ways of living healthier. So far so good, people seem to have a big craving for such products. Even though we have the biggest life expectance in history we feel that human race has become less healthy than it used to be. The more we expect to live, the more we want to make sure we will never die. The more people die from lack of food because of their lands having been exploited too much in the past, the more we worry that the food we are eating doesn’t actually supply the nutrients that we need. We realize also that the rate of obesity grows higher and higher and so does the incidence of diabetes. The more diseases we can find using medical treatment, the more we realize we might not be able to pay that kind of cure. This is why we prefer to invest our money in ways of preventing the diseases. So then we have a great market for health-inducing products right now, which justifies the explosion of the companies, like EIRO, that sell these products. But just how artificial is this market, and how much will it last?

The company we are reviewing today has had its launch in October 2009. They have their headquarters set in Garland, Texas and has a wonderful management team, almost each of its members having over 12 and going up to 30 years of experience in the domain they are covering, usually with more than remarkable results. Their names and functions are as follows: Chris Hausman (Chief Executive Officer) Joe O’Connor (Chief Financial Officer) Laurie Lusignan (Manager, Customer Care) Mark Lusignan (Manager, Warehouse Operations) Ron Martin (Controller) Rob Harrison (Chief Operating Officer) Lisa Hawkins (Director, Marketing) Lori Hoffman (VP, Administration) Dave Fleming (President) David Rahm, (MD Chief Medical Officer) Joe O’Connor (Chief Financial Officer).  The President of the company is actually a known Direct Sales Professional, while most of his other colleagues in the team have built their experience in traditional companies, but with great success.

The primary product the company is selling is, as you may well have guessed already, an antioxidant drink blend made from 5 primary fruits: caja, acerola, camu camu, pomegranate, and acai berry. The secondary products, EIRO Energy, EIRO Fit, EIRO Learn and EIRO Burn are food supplements meant to increase, in turn, the energetic level, weight loss speed, learning abilities, and the metabolic speed (this allowing the organism to use up more energy and maintain the weight loss at the same time). All in all, EIRO have managed to cover the most challenging tasks we face nowadays by simply producing meals, drinks and supplements that are seemingly more efficient than our day-to-day nourishment.

The compensation plan EIRO uses has been named quinfinity plan, due to the infinity bonus available for the customers that reach the third phase. So let us see what the three phases of this plan are:

Phase1 (Immediate Income): Here is where you are paid weekly. You get the usual fast start bonuses and retail sales bonuses (preferred customers’ bonuses).

Phase2 (Growth/Unilevel Income): Once you’ve reached this level you will receive your payment monthly. Bonuses range according on your placement within the 9 rankings levels, you are paid matching bonuses on 5 level downline. The Associates are allowed 1 person in their first line and two levels down, the Senior Associates are allowed 3 persons in their front line and 3 levels down, the executives are allowed a 4×4 matrix, while all the following ranks are allowed to have a 4×5 matrix. Your ranking growth depends of the growth of your first line associates, therefore the growth of your team.

Phase3 (Wealth Building): this is again paid monthly – you get higher bonuses for your team members, plus the infinity bonus we were talking about (a matching bonus for any member of your team below your 5th level, ranging from 0.5 to 2.5 percents).

We are looking at a complex (though not very complicated as such) compensation plan. The unilevel structure you get to reach in the second phase will amplify the competition within your team and you will have to actually encourage it yourself, as advancing in rank and getting to third phase depends not on how many people you have enrolled, but on how proficient/efficient are your personally enrolled customers and their own trainees. This is why this company requires that you get the best training yourself in order to succeed. But what does it offer?

In matters of training EIRO is one of the companies that takes this need seriously. That seriously even, that they sell it as a distinct product. They have 5 entry packages, 2 of them contain 10 Informative magazines and 2 of them contain 20. You can later on subscribe and use them as offline catalogues for your potential customers. Along with the opportunity of building your EIRO website, you also get the Online Marketing training required.  They organize live training conference calls (held by Ty Tribble and Bo Short ) which can also be downloaded later on their training page.

If you join the company, maybe you want to buy EIRO’s training facilities or you might prefer to get your own information regarding the online marketing techniques. Whatever your choice may be, the main trick is never to stick to what the mainstream has to offer. You can and should get the best information available; otherwise you will be simply one of the many who fail. Check this link in order to see some useful tips regarding your research and start building your success wisely and well-informed.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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