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Can working For Earth be lucrative and healthy?

The multi level marketing world is full of companies which feign an environmentally friendly attitude just to get to a larger clientele. Other companies claim that their products have innumerable positive effects on human health, just to convince their distributors to try them themselves. But some of these companies are actually concerned with their impact on the environment, or on the human health. And this can be gathered not from their advertising campaigns, or from their marketing techniques, but from the sheer number of products they market. A company that goes for the one product approach can be suspected of trying to scam their clients or distributors, but once a company comes with more and more products, this expansive attitude is a reliable hint that the company is planning on being around for more than a while. Looking at their products, this appears to be the case for For Earth. Let’s further analyze the elements that we can gather on this specific company.

Based in Miami, Florida, and having branches in Miami, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, Nigeria and Kenya, the company appears legit and trustworthy.  For Earth does not emphasize possible gains, but rather focuses on the well being of its clients, and of the environment. This attitude does not guarantee to catch the attention of people who want to get rich over night, but it can provide the company with capable and apt marketers. There isn’t much to be found on For Earth’s management team. The only name linked with the company at all is Miguel Gallimore, company Founder and CEO.

It appears as For Earth intends to market the products strictly relying on their intrinsic qualities, and that’s a very rare approach. Usually the network marketing companies rely greatly on the name of their board members, and sometimes that can be misleading. Basically, For Earth markets two different lines of products. The first line is intended for the preserving of the environment, consisting of automobile fuel and engine conditioners. These conditioners allegedly have the properties to extend engine life, save money on fuel cost and reduce harmful emissions by 30%. The second line of products regards human health and wellness, and comprises of five different products sold in a variety of shapes. Their effects range from anti-aging, weight management, immune system boosting to healthy digestion and elimination.

If we are to believe what is said about their products, we can safely conclude that there is a vast market willing to receive For Earth products. People use a lot of fuel and engine conditioners for their cars, and the direct marketing approach can only do good for advertising. As for the health and wellness line of products, this is a guaranteed way to get into the MLM business and make some money, the rest depending on the team’s knowledge in order to remain in the game.

For Earth employs a typical binary structure compensation plan. Active and qualified distributors are eligible for earning 15% of their lesser leg binary volume, but this means that the distributors have to choose carefully the person they enrol. Otherwise they risk not getting any profit from the compensation plan. For Earth also offers various bonuses to their distributors, such as Managing Director bonuses or matching distributor bonuses.

We can say that For Earth is a good opportunity for industrious marketers, from what we have gathered until now. But these marketers aren’t always experienced, and even if they are, promoting these two specific types of products is not as easy as it sounds. In order to succeed, For Earth has to provide excellent training for their distributors, but they only dedicated three lines to this subject on their website. The training is offered by the sponsors, and they give brochures and DVDs as well. The only improvement on this is the conference calls they hold, where one might actually get any relevant training.

But this attitude towards training is more common in the multi level marketing world than one might be inclined to presume. Very often the companies leave this responsibility to their most experienced distributors, but being experienced does not guarantee the ability to educate others. So what should someone that really wants to join For Earth do in this case? It’s very simple. That someone has to help himself. By being inquisitive and up-to-date on marketing techniques one has all the chances of being successful in the MLM world. And a good place to get all the information needed on how to get educated is only a click away. Yes, we mean it. Click this link and you’re there.

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