Beauty, balance and self-confidence for women: Damajòn

It is not new or unexpected for a company to sell beauty products like Damajòn does, under an attractive and self-esteem boosting slogan targeted at women in general.  This is efficient for any type of company, be it a MLM or traditional marketing one. Damajòn however is not only using a slogan, but a whole philosophy regarding women harmony and balance and the way they can achieve those things. Yet again, apart from discussing the general aspects of this company, we also have to see how its policy is applied, so let us have a look at the more down-to-earth part: is this company a business opportunity or not?

The company was founded in Bend, Oregon. Damajòn™ was founded on the ideas that every woman can improve her looks and her lifestyle. In other words, the creators of this company thought that every woman deserves to treat herself as if she were special because she actually is special, that every woman can benefit from living a life in balance and harmony. This is wonderful in theory, and apparently they have the staff, the products and the reliability to prove it.

The founder and CEO, Daryll M. Jonnson, has over 20 years of business experience. Among her previous professional experience lies international freelance model and graduate of both Colorflair Studios and Lascelles School of Deportment, Grooming and Modeling, London UK. Other members of the management team are Jerry Jonnson (Co-Founder and President) and David Yee. Jerry Jonnson has a Ph.D. in Human Development. His work has focused on child development and family relations. Since he got involved in direct sales he served in executive position, he has provided consulting services and has started Leadership Mentoring Program (The Six Habits of Highly Successful Sales People).

Damajòn™ markets a wide range of products. They fold into 4 categories: body, inner wellness, spirit and home. Under the “body” category, Damajòn™ sells skincare and make-up, their main label being The FaceGenie® Systems. This product is marketed as being the most advanced non-surgical face lift technology. Also in this category, Damajòn™ sells skin cleansers, skin toners, skin moisturizers, exfoliating skin products, make-up products and make-up tools. The “inner wellness” main product is a tea called Rooibush. This tea is made from the leaf and bark of a South African bush. Other products under this category are Damajòn™ Fruit Melanges (a healthy drink), Damajòn™ Refresh Mouth Rinse and Damajòn™ Hawaiian Noni Juice. The group of products called “spirit” is comprised of diaries of different sizes, inspirational message cards, notebooks, jewelry and cd’s with relaxing music and poems. The last group of products, called “home”, is made out of decorative things such as inspirational italian message tiles candles, border art.

Unlike other MLM companies that have a small set of products, Damajòn™’s market is quite big. We are accustomed with the impact of beauty products on the MLM market. One thing we know about them is that not only they bring new customers easily, but they maintain their success throughout incredible periods of time. (a simple research on the senior companies associated with beauty and self-care products like Damajon will confirm this fact easily).

The ranks in the compensation plan are structured in three categories. From the lowest rank, LifeStylist, to Advanced LifeStylist, from Senior LifeStylist to Sr. Executive LifeStylist and from Director Team to Presidential Team. Each time you get promoted form a category to another you get a bonus (that is also increasing, of course). You can also get a one-time Sponsoring Bonus for each new LifeStylist that achieves “active” status in their full business month. A LifeStylist is the basic retailer, without any down line members. As a Lifestylist you get a Personal Sales Bonus and 25% commission from your sales. As you advance through the Damajòn™’s rank structure from Lifestylist (retail seller with no referalls, more simply put) to higher ranks, your number of levels in your downline increases. In the end, you can have up to 6 levels in your downline, and the last three positions also have an Infinity bonus (no limit to the number of levels  downline for which you get the matching bonus).

The training that Damajon offers is not accounted for specifically on their Internet page. The other resources available on the Internet seem to be third parties that offer training for this company.  Now, apart from being able to thoroughly explain the message that the company tries to give to the world, you will really need some information on how to build your team. The fact is that, in Damajòn you really need a good team to go from one membership to another and thus increase your income.

So, looking at it, we have a company that sells a reliable product with a wonderful message. They address to a stable market and, even though they have rough competition, they also have the advantages of natural products and novelty. If you want to make an investment for the long run and you do not expect to rush into money, you can easily choose this company. However, you may still find yourself only using their products and having a bunch of friends to share them with – and that’s all.  In order to make real money you need an actual marketing technique. Check this link in order to get a full about what a good marketing experience with Damajòn means. Educate yourself as a good entrepreneur and start building your success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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