The Holographic product meets the Real world.

We live nowadays the paradox of a 21st century in turns obsessed with science and exotic religions and/or ways of living. While the MLM business is packed with health care products and strategies, it was only predictable that one of them (for starters) would try to use the paradoxical obsession we live. This is how came to be a product that would appears in turns Sci-Fi, health-inducing and based on an “esoteric” perception of human body. Apparently, this could be how and why CieAura appeared and might even catch the public.

The company has been around since October 24th 2009, but has only had its “soft” or “pre” launch at that date.  They have scheduled the official launch for 18-20th of March 2010, but meanwhile they are up and running with three different locations for their offices:  Glendale, CA , Las Vegas, NV, Suwanee, GA .  Looking at it, the official launch they are planning will certainly be a good opportunity to party, shake hands, do some training courses and set a good spirit, but not an actual start.

However, looking at the management team, we believe they do put a lot of emphasis on this type of activities, as the managers are best known for their great public speech abilities.  That being said, let’s have a look at what other experience the managers of CieAura might have.

The founder and CEO, Ken Rasner, is co-owner and President of Harmonic FM, LLC. That is, of course,  the company that manufactures  CieAura transparent holographic chips. Truth being said, he has won his master’s degrees in administration and music, has a good experience with network marketing companies and is the author of several Network marketing and personal improvement books.

The president – Randy Mitchell, has 22 years of corporate experience and was previously founder and CEO of two other MLM companies.

Marketing Director Marie “Ia” Jimenez  has a pretty nice Marketing experience it seems, apart from her previous career as a parenting talk-show host. She has developed and implemented workshops at modeling schools and choreographed beauty pageants. She also was the International Consultant and Head Modeling Instructor for John Casablancas Modeling and Career Center / Elite Modeling Agency in Asia.
The Company Operation Officer, Al Leland, is an ex-military with the Air Force who has also “served” for 5 years as Vice President Research and Development for an Atlanta based manufacturing company.

The product CieAura are selling are the Transparent Holographic Chips™  that come in 3 different types and uses:  Pure Energy, Pure Relief and Rest quiet.  We hesitate to explain how these chips work for fear of not having understood it correctly ourselves. However, their function seem to be, respectively, providing more energy for the body, relieving it from pain and offering a good sleep every night.

Now, for those who ask themselves “Are CieAura chips really working, or is this a scam?” we have no answers in this review.  We can only wish them good luck in deciphering  the curious mélange of acupuncture, Tibetan ways of explaini ng the astral body, rocket science and post-modern imagery which CieAura use to explain how the chips work.  However, for those who are asking themselves:  “ Can I create my MLM business within this company? Are there any chances for me to make money?” we can say that this type of product is indeed new  and might have a good market.  As we stated in the beginning of this review,  CieAura answers to the (at least emotional) needs of an entire century, so – why not.

The compensation plan CieAura is offering is built built upon a two-team (left and right leg) structure, modified according to their own needs. The bonuses are offered for personally referred customers , no matter where they are positioned. The matching bonus comes for the team commissions of the marketers placed below your front line, down to 7 levels.   These bonuses will vary of course, according to their own number of referred customers, thus encouraging team work and training activities . However, we were unable to find any sort of training, no matter how much research we have made.  Given the fact that the launching in March also has some training activities and workshops included, we might still be hoping that this feature will be added to the company’s offers on a regular basis after the expected launch.

As  you may know already or maybe even experienced yourself,  simply putting your money, efforts, time and friends up for grabs to a new company will not actually turn you overnight into a successful MLM entrepreneur. This is why we recommend strongly and repeatedly that any beginner in MLM business should get the best information available regarding marketing and on-line marketing techniques and strategies.  Regardless if, after careful research, you will choose to join CieAura or start your business elsewhere, you should still try to learn how you can actually make money or why so many don’t.  Check this link to get that information and stop investing without gaining profits.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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