AlivaMax – quality anti-aging products backed by science, or a scam backed by the desire to get rich fast?

It is a well known fact that the anti-aging products niche in the MLM market has been crowded for a long time. There is an anti-aging products market independent of the marketing type used, and it is easy to assume why people are interested in purchasing this type of product. Of course everybody wants to be in shape and to look young, regardless of their age. Also, these people are willing to spend a lot of their money on such products available on the market. Using network marketing as a selling method in this area, however, has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, the client pool is a vast one, practically being able to get to anyone, provided that the entrepreneurs are well trained and talented. On the other hand, MLM companies are founded and disappear every day, so it is difficult to present any sort of guarantee to the possible clients. AlivaMax has chosen to take this challenge and join the endless number of network companies selling the same range of products. But do they actually have a chance to actually be successful? Well, let us take a closer  look at the company and decide for ourselves.

The company, founded in 2008, is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah. Their motto is “reachable, teachable, touchable, suggesting an inclination towards the staff and the eventual marketers. And this should count as a good thing, with many of the existing companies focusing on aggressively advertising their products and losing any human touch in the process. But neither extreme is a good one, and AlivaMax seems a little too concerned about their clients and entrepreneurs. Moreover, on their website, under the “become a distributor” banner there are four pictures of an expensive car, an impressive mansion, a yacht and a woman standing under a rain of dollar bills. This can seem a little too much, as no one joining this company really expects to attain so great a success. Also, all the grammar and typing errors on their official website are really determining a possible client to question their chances of becoming a successful and lucrative company.

AlivaMax is the brainchild of Jerry Ricks and Mark J. Sain, allegedly having an impressive 70 years of combined successful marketing experience. Jerry Ricks has built a prepaid telecom company from the ground up and retired from it in 2000, a time when said company was grossing $1 million a day. Mark J. Sain has also been in the telecommunications business, having founded US Payphone, Inc. Nothing is said of other members of the management team, however, but the two founders seem to be qualified enough to lead a company such as AlivaMax.

The company is currently marketing two anti-aging products, AlivaMax Anti-Aging Miracle Serum and AlivaMax Fountain of Youth. The Serum provides improvement in skin wrinkle depth and volume, increasing elastin and repairing matrix and epidermis. It contains a host of patented and trademarked formulas, as well as sea water and various plant extracts, providing an overly crowded impression. The AlivaMax Fountain of Youth is a dietary supplement ingredient for nutraceutical use, holding five patents and having other three patents pending. It contains the expected array of chemical formulas and trademarked plant extracts, and it is said to have an endless number of positive effects on the human body. One cannot help but doubt if these claims are really backed by scientific research, if not for the vastness of their areas of effect, then at least for the way in which they are presented, i.e. using excessively pompous words and a large number of exclamation marks.

Regardless of the credibility of their products, the AlivaMax compensation plan offers five different ways of getting paid. These range from retail sells, fast start bonuses, global bonuses to the more common forced matrix and 100% Matching Bonus pay plan. With the forced matrix system one can have a maximum number of three people on their first level, and a number of ten levels for which he gets bonuses. An interesting feature is the Global Bonus Pool, which is practically a way of sharing 20% of the profits from the re-orders with the qualified distributors within the company. This should be of great assistance in convincing the marketers to become qualified distributors. Another interesting fact is that the company offers a website and online marketing page for free, without requiring any fees from the distributor.

As for the training, there is none to be found on the company’s main website. This is a great flaw from out point of view, as it can lead to poorly or even un-trained marketers, which in turn can only lead to failure. The only entrepreneur standing a chance to actually become successful with AlivaMax is one looking for his training and education elsewhere. Even if the company had some training for their new marketers, it never harms to be inquisitive and to research for new marketing techniques. So click this link if you want to learn how to grow more knowledgeable and informed, or simply put-how to actually earn money when others fail.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at

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