So why are vitamin sticks so extraordinary, anyway?

21Ten is a fresh name on the health products market. With a fresh looking site, with a sizzle attitude and a care for the environment they hope to go big, even if they are launching their products on a MLM market full of healthcare products. Being an OxyFresh subsidiary gives them a head start and a lot of clients. If they will make it or not, that depends on how they choose to sustain this. We will see how they did it so far in this review.

The company is a very fresh division of OxyFresh, being pre-launched at the beginning of this 2010. OxyFresh is located in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Having a very well timed plan posted on their website, they intend to soft launch 21Ten on 15th of May. The very capable management team is lead by Richard Brooke who acts as CEO. Richard Brooke succeeded in MLM industry before the age 30. He is also an elected member of the Direct Selling Association’s Board of Directors and serves as on Ethics Committee. With a long career as network marketing sales leader and corporate executive he sure is qualified to lead 21Ten team.

21Ten markets their product as being the coolest and the most environmental friendly health related product on the market. They think that their product is so cool that they even bought an internet domain called socoolithurts.com, site that redirects you to the 21Ten website. LIFE SHOTZ, the product, is a health powder packed in the form of sticks. The product comes in boxes of 10 pieces and in the customers/reps can buy one box or packs of 4 or 8 boxes. LIFE SHOTZ is marketed as having anti-aging effects, mood enhancement effects and immune system building effects. This product has a low calories content, vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12 and D, zinc, magnesium and it comes in only one flavor: Super Fruit Blend. This flavor is in fact a mix of maqui berries, acai berries, goji berries and other fruits that have a high ORAC rating (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity). They have also included in every LIFE SHOTZ box a personal development podcast download card. For now they only have three tracks: Pure Inspiration & Motivation, Latest Health Craze, and the Inside Scoop, but they do promise new content each month.

Being a dietary supplement and having this vitamin and mineral complex, 21Ten’s market can be used by virtually everybody. The fact that they use expressions like sizzle, buzz and “Vitamin B shot in the b**t” leads us to believe that they are trying to target their products at young people that want to stay healthy.  That is, if such a thing exists. However, as we already mentioned, the company already has a good market already established, so trying to also attract young people is probably not a venture that will limit their options. Au contraire.

21Ten’s compensation plan is a bit different than other companies plan. The plan is based on an unilevel plan, at which they have added various bonuses. To get in the business you have to pay an entry fee and a lower annual fee. This is called the Distributor Kit and it contains business building materials, personal development materials and a three-month subscription to Success Magazine. First you start as a distributor and as you sponsor others to join, you rank and bonuses grow. For example if you maintain three personally sponsored active distributors you become Sales Manager and you’ll get a bonus each month; maintaining five active distributors will make you a Sales Director and earn you a double bonus, the top rank being Regional Sales Director. This shows that 21Ten puts emphasis on the team. To go up in rank you need more than maintaining a certain number of active distributors and other ranks beneath you. It also requires a sales volume. One interesting thing is the fact that based on your sales and rank you can earn shares of the company.

21Ten does not have any online training, but it does have offline seminars around various locations throughout United States. They also provide you with some printed materials when you buy the Distributor Kit. This means that most of the training you’ll get is from your sponsor. Due to the emphasis on the team, your sponsor is motivated to train you well: making you proficient will earn him commissions.

So, all in all, we are looking at a promising company with an already established market and a somewhat daring marketing technique. The fact that they provide training is a big plus for 21TEN. As usual, our advice for you, in case you decide to enroll with this company would be: take all the information they offer, learn the inside tricks as well as you can, but never stick to that. If you want to be among the few MLM entrepreneurs who actually make it big, then never stop educating yourself. Lear new marketing techniques on the go, invest time and interest in online marketing, learn how to generate the good leads. Not everyone who reads this will actually make it either. Only few people actually follow such an advice and take the trouble to invest in their marketing education. You, however, can click this link and start building your success.

Oana Soare
MLM Company Review Team at KetSangTai.com

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