Is Your MLM Company Growing?

by Ket-Sang Tai

Is your MLM company still growing or going downhill? It is not always possible to answer this especially if the company you are involved in is a private company, as private companies are not obliged to disclose their financial status. So how can you tell if your company is still growing? One of the best way is to look at the traffic ranking of the company’s website. As the internet grows, website ranking gives a fairly good indication of the popularity of a company or a product. You can get any company’s website ranking using Alexa.

The graph below is taken from and it shows the 6 months traffic ranking of 3 companies, Vemma, Monavie and Xango. I have to confess that I am a Vemma brand partner and I might be biased, but the number from Alexa doesn’t lie.

In the graph, the blue line represents’s 6 months traffic ranking, the red is and the yellow is Monavie and Xango are much bigger company than Vemma in term of revenue but Vemma is growing faster than both companies. Personally I believe the growth rate is more important than the actual size of a company.

Information like this is very useful if you are doing research on MLM companies and deciding on which one to join. These are public information anyone can access online, so make use of it!

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Great post, Ket!
    I’ve been using Alexa to see website rankings. Vemma rocks!

  • Melton

    Yes Isagenix is growing! With the Anti Aging product coming in August – it will explode! Melton McClanahan at

  • Antony

    Thanks for your news, I have posted on my twitter

  • KyrunQ

    Hi Ket…Amazing..!!
    tnx for the info..

  • KyrunQ

    Hi Ket…Amazing..!!
    tnx for the info..

  • Good information, Ket. Nice to know Vemma is still on the upswing and is surpassing the competition.

  • Thanks this was a very useful tip. Had a look at my company straight away. What an eye opener……

  • Rod

    in MLM Business.. most fast companies dies even faster

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