Jusuru and BioCell Collagen II Review

by Ket-Sang Tai

jusuruJusuru is the latest nutritional company which comes into the MLM scene. If you are looking at joining Jurusu and wondering if it is for you, you might find this little review helpful. First thing you have to bare in mind is that most new MLM companies do not make it to become a long term successful company so you really have to ask yourself why you want to get into a new company. Do you really believe they have the required quality to survive in this competitive MLM world or do you just want to get in early hoping that you can make a lot of money? If your answer is the later, I suggest you stop reading now and go find a solid company with a few years history and learn to be a good marketer.

So What Is Jusuru?
A message from its President on its website reads like this “We began Jusuru with a simple concept – deliver an effective and unique nutraceutical backed by patented and scientific research. A product that is so effective that it sells itself, and acts as a vehicle to allow you to earn supplemental income. It took us over a year to develop the perfect Jusuru Life Blend. We have literally gone all over the world to bring you the best in health and wellness.” The company’s core value is to deliver value to its distributors and consumers. It also mentions a strong leadership team and its commitment to charitable cause. We can only take this claim to its face value as there is little detailed information on its website. There is no listing on management team members and no specific details on charitable donation.

What is the products?

The product is a juice containing multi-patented BioCell Collagen II, which is meant to be good for skin and joint, in combination with exotic antioxidant-rich fruits from around the globe. It claims that people in some parts of the globe live longer because of their diet and they put all these great fruits from around the globe into one drink. This sound like a great idea and I think people will buy into that as long as the juice taste good. However, only time will tell if it really has good effect on health.

So What is BioCell Collagen?

Out of curiosity, I went to the internet to search for more information about BioCell Collagen. Check out the video below.

How to make money?

Its compensation plan provides multiple stream of income which enable distributors to make immediate earning while developing a long term business. This seems to be the way most compensation plans are structured these days because as we know, people will quit if they don’t see money immediately. The core of the plan is a unilevel plan, which means there is unlimited width. Generally the group volume, downline sales volume, number and rank of active legs determines the percentage and depth of your bonuses. Personally I don’t like this type of plan because statistic shows that average network marketers only sponsor 2.7 distributors and therefore only minority of people will make money on these types of compensation plans. There are other bonuses designed to reward distributors immediately based on personal and personally sponsored distributors’ retail sales. There is also an Turbo Inifinity Bonus and checkmatch bonuses to reward its leaders, customer pool bonuses and car program. On a whole it is not a bad plan because of the multiple stream of income.

Training and support

At the moment, there is limited information on its training center but I can see multiple events scheduled for October. If you are doing research on this Jusuru, I strongly suggest you get onto one of their confenrence call to check out their training and have all your questions answered.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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