It Really Doesn’t Matter

by Ket-Sang Tai

A lot of people will not agree with me, but I am still going to say that in network marketing………

Your company doesn’t matter.

The product doesn’t matter.

The compensation plan doesn’t matter.

The management doesn’t matter.

It also doesn’t matter if it is a start up or established business.

There are literally hundreds if not thousands of network marketing companies worldwide, some are really good and some are absolutely rubbish. However, I can guarantee that there are people who make money and there are also people who are dead broke in EVERY one of these companies. Do you agree?

Of course the above factors do play a role but they are not the most important factors which determine if you make money or not. So what are the important determinating factors?


Knowledge is king. A common trait of most leaders and top earners is that they know a lot more than other distributors and they are committed to learning. They are always ahead of the game and they are also able to give value to other people.


I don’t have to explain this as it is a known fact that your connection and network can make a huge difference to your business. The concept of mastermind has been around for a long time. You need to be around successful people who have similar goals and vision to be successful.

So instead of going from one company to another, hoping to find the best one which offers you the magic formula, which I know a lot of people are doing, why not spend some time improving yourself and go network with successful people at conferences and events?

Your net worth is determined by your knowledge and network. Peirod.

To Your Success,

Ket-Sang Tai


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  • Kar Yen

    To a certain extent, I do agree with you that to succeed in network marketing, what’s important is the attitude and the right system that imparts knowledge in you to enable you to duplicate, that’s where the real leveraged income and residual income comes about. Having said that, I believe a good system has to go hand in hand with a good company that produce good products and at the same time possess good compensation plan. A merely 1 to 2 % difference in the compensation plan between different company can mean a lot if your organization/network is big.

    Juz a 2 cents worth of thought.

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